Cool online bag/gift store ideas.
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Panic! It's my girlfriend's 'n'th birthday in 2 weeks and I'm trying to get her a cool bag in which to put the gifts I have bought her and to double as a gift itself. I've searched elsewares and popgadget but can't find any other good sites for indie designed bags. In the words of Princess Leia 'you're my only hope'..[nb preferably a UK online store]. Thanks in advance.
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Try checking The Bag Lady
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You could support a local craftster by buying a bag from someone at Etsy. Go to the Geolocator in the left menu on the main page and click on your area - there are a ton of UK sellers. You can also shop by category - you would want purses and handbags.
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Not UK, sorry, but Queen Bee's bags are very stylish, and I have one, so I can testify that they're good quality, and well-made and whatnot.
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Seconding Etsy for indie-designed just-about-anything!
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I like Cydwoq bags. They must have UK retailers, but unfortunately, I don't know 'em.
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Harvey's seatbelt bag?
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My partner has bags from Mag'sBags that would seem to fit your need and she loves them. They're in Canada - but hey, this is this age of globalization and fast mail service!
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Have you tried Etsy, the site for diy-ers to sale their wares?
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Not sure if this works with your plans but freddy&ma does custom bags. You could either select a pre-styled one or do something of a pseudo-gift certificate where you offer to purchased whatever bag your gf designs there.
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How about Laptop Stuff's shoulder bags?? They even take Visa Electron! And I wish I could afford this one. There are other bags elsewhere on the site of an un-shoulder type.
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