"Make me look trashy"
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Flat-Iron, Blow-drier... Now what? How do I get that awesome pieced out hair. The stylist seems to be able to pull off in minutes.

I am a guy with I guess normal lenght hair for a guy, a few inches long, that gets wavy/curly if left to it's own devices.

Every other week or so I go into a Toni and Guy's (Kinda the Starbucks of Salons i guess) and have one of the people there style my hair. I tell them to flat-iron it and peice it out. "Make me look trashy" is what I say :)

The stylist will wet my hair, wash it, blow dry it, spray some protective stuff on it then go to work with a flat iron.

Once my hair is straightened, she gets out the wax stick and puts a bunch in my hair. She then pulls out peices and makes this awesome layered look that I love so much. Once done, she sprays the thing with hairspray to lock it in.

Now these styling sessions cost about $30, so I decided to just pick up a flat-iron and the hair products that she uses on me. I ended up spending about $40 after everything was done.

So I washed, blowdried, sprayed, flatironed and then put the wax into my hair, really working it in just like she does. But no matter how hard I try, it just wont work. It just looks like a mixed up mess. How do I acheive that look, what am I doing wrong? The stylists do it so fast, it's usually done in much less than 10 minutes.

I wish I could find a good picture of the result.

Is Toni&Gui really the Starbucks of salons? Decent results, consistant... but overpriced? Anybody know a better place in north Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona?
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If you only spent $40 total, you didn't spend enough on your flatiron (or so I'm told). That's really the only thing I can add to this conversation though.
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Antifuse is right that its probably the iron, but it might not be the price. You just need to make certain its a professional flat iron. One that gets REALLY HOT. It should have a temperature gaute on it that goes up to 500 degrees.
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Oh, and I got mine for ~30 at a beauty supply house. I think it's a goldnhot?
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good flat irons do cost a lot of money, but they're worth it. the solano blue sapphire is considered one of the best. i've had mine for 5 years, it still works like new. definitely worth the investment.
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How about going in one more time and asking the stylist to go slowly, pointing out step-by-step what he or she is doing? I know the wax/gel step always screws me up, so there's probably some finger twist thing he or she does to get all your hair pieced together, instead of all jumbled up.
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I agree that it might be the flat iron you're using. I use this ridiculously expensive flatiron. I used to use this cheapo one. The expensive one was totally worth the extra money. It is more precise b/c the ironing part is smaller and while you'd think that b/c it was smaller it would take longer, it actually takes half as much time.

Also -- did you buy the same hair product that they used in the salon? I believe Toni & Guy uses Tigi products and they're great -- you might also be having different results b/c you're using a different wax.
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Tigi "Bed Head" wax is the only wax I've tried (and I've tried plenty) that will keep my fairly stiff hair in place. I also find that twisting it into a spiked 'do (like all the kids had in 2001/2002) and then styling it flat from there really helps it hold. I think the twisting warms it and helps it adhere to the hair or something scientificy like that. Also: a little goes a long way - I used to overapply out of fear of losing that sweet look but I've since backed way off and it still holds. Good luck!
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I went through the "God, do I really have to spend THAT much on a flat iron" phase. But you really do. More than any product I've ever bought, it's one of those things where you truly get what you pay for. I'm using a Sedu now, which costs me $125 on sale and works perfectly.
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