How to format a linux'd drive
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How do I format a Linux'd harddrive with XP?

I have a spare 13gb harddrive with Ubuntu installed. I'd like to format it and use it for space. I can boot into Ubuntu from the harddrive, but when in XP 'My Computer' doesnt designate a drive letter for it. Also, the harddrive shows up in the Device Manager. What gives?
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Remove the Ubuntu partition, create an NTFS partition, and then format it. A drive letter will be assigned at that time.
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Windows XP doesn't designate a drive letter for it because it doesn't contain a Windows compatible partition.

It does show up in drive manager, though, because it is a physical drive.

This page should explain what you need to do. Be careful.
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where can I remove the partition? The only place I can seem to 'talk' to it iswithin Device Manager > Harddrive Properties and then populate which shows two partitions, but unlike my other HD, you cannot view the properties further with the partitions -- and they dont have names, just blanks
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nm, i think jimbob pointed me in the right direction ;)!
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Satapher, do you mean destroying the ubuntu partition's data to make a new "windows" partition out of it? Then yes, follow the others' instructions. However, if you mean accessing your ubuntu partition from windows, that's different and that depends on your partition filesystem.

If you are using ext2 or ext3, you can use this driver that works like a charm in Windows, your drive would behave just like a normal drive (except you have full permissions).

If you are using reiserfs well.. it's not so well developped, the only one I know is reiser driver.
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this is incredible... how have I gone so long without ever using Administrative Tools?
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this is incredible... how have I gone so long without ever using Administrative Tools?

It took me a long time to discover this myself. I once spent an hour trying to figure out why an external USB drive my sister bought would appear connected but wouldn't show up as a drive letter. It didn't occur to me that they were still selling unformatted, unpartitioned drives at consumer stores. Easily fixed, though.
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