Hotels North of Downtown Seattle?
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I'm looking for a clean and inexpensive hotel north of Seattle.

I have company coming into town -- too many to stay at my home -- and I'm looking for a reasonably priced hotel north of downtown Seattle but south of Lynnwood. Quieter areas like Greenlake, Greenwood, Ballard, Queen Anne preferred, $60-100 a night. Thanks in advance!
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Would you consider a B&B? A lot of those Seattle neighborhoods don't really have much in the way of hotels. When I lived in Ballard in a smalll apartment, my Mom stayed in the first place on this list, iirc. If you don't mind being across the highway, the University District has the University Inn is clean and decent and the College Inn is inexpensive, though noisy. If you don't know the area too well, anything near or on Aurora north of downtown is likely to be 1) inexpensive and 2) borderline sleazy. Depnding on your guests, this might not be a problem, but if it were my family, I don't think I'd put them there. I've stayed at the Ramada in the Northgate area. I'm not sure what their rates are, but it was a totally fine hotel, close to the highway.
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The Mediterranean Inn, 425 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, 98109 - (206) 428-4700. $110 a night but a great location.
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Second the Ramada at Northgate. I've had family stay there 3-4 times. Perfectly acceptable hotel in that price range, and it has the advantage of being the only hotel you'd want to sleep in for quite some distance. The restaurant in their parking lot ain't bad either.

(Oh, tell them to exit through the back of the parking lot onto the north-south street, rather than trying to jump directly onto Northgate, which isn't fun).
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That's the rock-bottom low end of prices for hotels in Seattle, so be careful about where you book them.
Have you considered one of the "longer stay" type places? There's a kitchenette, which can reduce expenses considerably.
Extended Stay has one in Lynnwood that might fit your needs (rates 'start' at$74.99/nite - but be sure to ask about AARP, AAA, etc. discounts).
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Mediterranean was booked solid, as was the Inn at Queen Anne. The Ramada at Northgate it is. Thanks!
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