I need to download google!
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How do I download google's entire cache of a website that has 137,000 hits?

Ok, so em411.com got redesigned, and em/admin (site administrator) dumped the database. There were some damn good conversations that happened over the last 6 years on that site and there is no way that I am going to be able to remember what each and every one of them was about, so I need to find a way to get the entire cache of this website. Hope me please.

If I do a site:em411.com I get 137,000 hits, but only 1000 of them are accessible via google.

I'm thinking that I could get this done via some combination of wget following only the cache links (how do I do that?) and varying the keyword in the search (not sure what the best ones to pick are)

Oh, and the internet archive has basically nothing of this site.
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What the crap? I used to visit em411 all the time- that's really lame.

Can't you do:

wget -r http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Aem411.com&btnG=Google+Search
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I could do that, but I'm afriad wget would get caught in all the ads and not do what I want it to do.
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i did something similar to this a while ago. i used perl and LWP.

essentially, i believe the script went through each one of the 1000 cached results that google would list, and then made google requests for 'cached:(url)' for each link found in the cached results. i grepped these urls out of the response with simple regular expressions. i also maintained a simple database to prevent the crawler from collecting the same thing twice, i think i just md5 hashed each url i requested, and stored it. as i recall, this did a pretty good job in terms of coverage.

a word of warning though, go slow and steady with it -- i ended up getting myself "banned" from google for a few hours. :) oh, also set the user agent of whatever you use to something that looks like a legitimate browser.
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er, that should be 'cache:(url)', or more specifically, for example:

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Rather than archive it yourself, maybe you could rely on the Wayback Machine's copy.
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Xulu, as I pointed out in my original post the wayback machine doesn't have all the pages.
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Note that the Wayback Machine is slow to publish the most recent snapshots: The latest version visible now is from April 2005, but snapshots taken between then and now will probably appear in the coming months.
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Looking at the format of the page urls, they are all of the form, em411.com/forum/xxxxx/yyyy

Where xxxxx is the thread and yyyy is the page number.

In order to get just the pages you want, one by one, search with this format,


I didn't figure out the numbering rules or patterns, but you could just start at x~25000 and y=1 and go through the whole lot until the end.
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Sorry I missed that part.
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If you do get it to work, could you zip it and yousendit here as a followup?
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I don't know how to code anything, so I don't think I'd be able to script anything together. I was hoping that there was an app for this.
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