How do I Remove the Bypass from a new GE Refrigerator ?? It's super tight.
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Bought a brand new condo that came with a GE Refrigerator with built-in filtered water dispenser. The new fridge came with a bypass in place of a filter -- How in the world do I get it out so I can replace it with a real filter?? It is SUPER tight.

The bypass is screwed in so tightly I cannot, for the life of me, get it out so I can install a filter. Any suggestions for getting it out? I called the GE Help Line and they told me to dispense some water to relieve some pressure before turning. I tried that -- I tried pliers -- I tried everything.. Any suggestions?

The dispenser is exactly like the one in this fridge:

I've read the manual.. It says to turn it counter-clockwise.. I just want it out!!

(And bonus points if you can help me get a mark off the wall of non-washable paint. We got a scratch on the wall, and accidentally tried washing it off with a RED bath towel. Now the wall has a reddish tint. Any way to fix it without repainting the area??)

Thank you!!
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For the mark on the wall, go get one of those Mr. Clean magic eraser things. I'll bet that will do the trick.
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Be careful with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It can take the finish off the paint. I have some low-gloss eggshell paint in my apartment and I used a Magic Eraser and it made the area I used it on dull. Completely removed the stain, though. Luckily, it's in an innocuous place, so the dullness isn't noticeable to anyone but me.
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We bought a frigidaire fridge and the filter in it came w/ this plastic unscrewer thing, kinda the opposite of an alan wrench. Is it possible yours came with one? I'm guessing if it'd be w/ the manual or worst case, you could go to a parts supply place/website and order a new one.
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Response by poster: We too have eggshell paint so I'll abide by your advice MeetMegan and not use Mr. Clean.. Our spot is dead center on a wall near the stairs, so I do not want to risk it.

There is no such wrench, lannanh, as far as I can tell. GE confirms the fridge does not come with one. Thanks anyway.
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Is the bypass just a spool of plastic? or a bypass lever on the head where the filter threads in and a red pressure release button?

It's rather hard to give good advice without a photo.

If you can't get a strap wrench (if indeed it will work with this bypass) you can always use rosin spray to increase grip.

If the strap wrech works and it is a charcoal filter make sure you flush it for quite a bit before putting it to use.
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It may be easier to install a new filter on the line supplying the fridge, let the bypass be bypass.
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Response by poster: plumberonkarst: It's a spool of plastic, I assume. It's not a lever of any sort.
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