Experiences of intensive NLP courses
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Has anyone done a one or 2 week intensive NLP practitioner course?

Did it make a real difference in your life? Was it just okay or even rubbish?

How has it changed you, your abilities and how you interact with other people?
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I know people who have done serious in-depth (long term) academic study of NLP who have had great professional benefit in managing people and problem-solving. But the ads I've seen for courses like what you describe don't seem to be the same type of serious study.

Have you tried reading some books on the topic?
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I know a couple of people who have achieved NLP practitioner status.

Not convinced it has given them too many special insights or powers to influence or intepret others. But some of the NLP wonks do seem to reckon they now have special abilities. Maybe that's enough in itself.

You may want to read this fascinating Guardian article in which Jon Ronson touches on some of the issues and people involved in NLP. Despite some reservations (which are well explored by others on the web), Ronson comes out "grateful" for his NLP expeerience.
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Wow, reminds me of Landmark Education, which a friend convinced me to try a few years ago. Some neat ideas, some useful techniques, but in the end it's a cult.

Balance your desire for the end result against your tolerance for creepiness and the resilience of your ego.
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Cheers. The cult trappings do put me off to be honest, but it does seem to work in some ways like the guy in the article says. I dunno.
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