Concord NH job hunt.
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How do I get a job I will love in Concord, New Hampshire?

At the beginning of August, I will be moving to Concord, New Hampshire, where my husband is going to school. I will be supporting us.

I don't know a soul there. The only job I have held in the United States was in Tennessee, in a field I don't want to stay in (printing banking products - I wrote up the specifications for orders) although I'd be happy to be employed in the related field of book publishing (as I am a writer). I was hired through a temp agency and made permanent.

My work experience in Canada was: several summers as an office intern at a not-for-profit arts organization, five years as the office manager and Jenny-of-all-trades at another not-for-profit arts organization (which I just adored and would do again in a heartbeat), and four years temping while trying to move to the US to be with my spouse, during which time I enjoyed a nine-month stint as an executive secretary to a Director (which meant I did a lot of ministerial correspondence and such) in a government department.

The other three-and-a-bit years temping were not filled with joy for me. I don't ever want to do another data entry/filing/answering phones type job again. I am not above such work in the context of a larger job with more responsibility, but I really don't want to be pigeon-holed into yet another low-level pink collar job. Partly for the money, but mostly because it's boring.

I am not worried about getting a job. I can always go back to the temp agency, if worst comes to worst. I am worried about getting a crappy job and being unable to make the connections to get a better one.

Concord is a very small city (42,000 people) and from what I can tell (on the basis of internet research and one three-day visit) the primary employer is the government.

I loved working for not-for-profits and for the government. It looks like my best bet is government work, though I won't limit my search to just government. In Nova Scotia where I am from, the government has its own temp pool, from which they hire before going to temp agencies. Do state and city governments do this in the US? If so, who would I talk to, to be added to that pool? Are these types of positions ones with health benefits? My thinking is that every place I've worked as a temp has wanted to hire me permanently, so this might be a low-stress and fast way to get in with the government.

Where else should I be looking for work? I know about I have bookmarked the websites for the HR departments of the state and city governments.

Can any expat Canucks clue me in on work-acquisition cultural differences, if any?

Are there jobs I can't apply for (outside of ones requiring security clearance) because of my lack of citizenship (I am a permanent resident)?

I haven't applied for a job in almost a decade. The internet wasn't really a factor then. Has anything changed in the last decade when it comes to resume writing or interviewing for jobs?

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You may want to start here. They have a section for job listings.

I used to live in New Hampshire, one thing to keep in mind is that Concord is smack in the middle of the heavily populated portion of the state.

If you find a job you like in the Dover/Portsmouth area, Keene area, or Salem/Nashua area, you could always live between the two and you would each have a 20-30 minute commute each.

Manchester is a reasonable distance from Concord to work if you were living in Concord anyway, and the bus service between the two is actually pleasant.
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Have you checked the employment section of the Concord Monitor?

The Boston Globe has listings for jobs in New Hampshire (browse by "Region/Town").

Craig's List might also be an option.
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Well hey, I grew up in Concord and just moved away after attending law school there (I assume that's what your husband's doing?). My wife worked at YBP Library Services, which is an academic book distributor and one of the largest employers in the area. As a writer it might interest you, though the interest level certainly depends on what department you end up in.

I would caution that the pay tends to be low -- this is New Hampshire we're talking about. And I'm not sure how much room there is for internal growth at the company, as my wife quit when we moved away. But if the government thing doesn't work out, it's worth a look.

Feel free to email me if you like: matthewsaunders-at-gmail-dot-com. I can give you the lowdown on the Concord scene.
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From that area too. The Globe is good and widely read, but the locals also read the Telegraph. I'd say don't limit yourself to just Concord, Manchester is good and so is Nashua - all of which is on route 3 and an easy drive. Oh, I used to love Portsmouth.

As for work, I've had to return every so often to take care of my parents and their affairs and I've always checked the listings, but found employment agencies more helpful there - but be very clear what you are looking for.
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Well, if you were over by Lebanon / Hartford you could apply for a job at the University Press of New England, but there don't appear to be too many book publishing opportunities in Concord. New Hampshire Public Radio also has jobs available.
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There are many nice not-for-profits based in Concord (including the one I used to work for), so I'd try and focus on that. Government... well, I worked in close contact with the government, and the price New Hampshire pays for low/no taxes is that government workers are paid poorly and are extremely overworked. I knew several people who worked basically the equivalent of two jobs for one salary.

I don't have many nice things to say about my time in New Hampshire, so I think I'll end here and say that I hope you find a great and rewarding job.
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Response by poster: You may want to start here. They have a section for job listings.

That is AWESOME. Thanks so much.

And thanks everybody for the other listings. This will be of tremendous help to me.

I should have mentioned that we already have a place lined up, pretty close to campus (you're right, schoolgirl report, he's going to Franklin Pierce). I would ideally like to walk to work (just for my health) but will look in Manchester, Portsmouth, etc too as I wouldn't want to miss a good opportunity.

This is extremely helpful info. Please keep it coming!
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I grew up in Concord too and I still go back for holidays etc. I don't have a lot of specfic information but I can assure you that there are definately government jobs available and I'm pretty sure there are some non-profit opportunities too.

This having been said, you are going to find more, interesting, opportunities looking in Manchester (15-20 minutes south) and Portsmouth.

Feel free to contact me at nathancaswell at gmail . com and I can put you in touch with some of my friends who still live and work there.

Also, schoolgirl report, msg me if you went to CHS around 1998.
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One thing to consider in a job search is that the New Hampshire Fiscal Year is on July 1st. I work for the state and know that they try and do as much hiring as possible in the first few months of the fiscal year before the inevitable budget freeze. You can look at the
state postings
to see what is available.

Good luck and don't hesitate to contact me at info at . You didn't mention if you had kids but if you do our family is close by and I work in Concord every day.

Best of luck with your job search
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Portsmouth is an hour away from Concord. I did that commute for a few months. Not enjoyable. Dover's closer distance-wise, but over back roads.
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Another Concord native here.

I strongly recommend against working in Portsmouth if you'll be living in Concord. The trip is not a fun or fast one. Dover would take you 45 minutes.

Not sure if you can work for the state if you're not a US Citizen. There is a process you have to go through to be entered into the pool of candidates (I think you have to take a test?). If you are interested in that route, start here.

Take a look at Jobs in NH; a comprehensive listing. You can set up a radius search. That would be helpful to you since you probably aren't familiar with what towns are where.

Consider Manchester and Bedford. Maybe even Merrimack, Nashua or Salem, though those would be a 35-45 minute commute.

Feel free to email me if you want more Concord info. You'll be living in my old neighborhood if you're living close to FPC.

Good luck!
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