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In between trash days -- Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday -- people in neighboring apartments deposit their trash on the first floor landing, outside the door to my apartment. I expected the super to put a stop to this practice but it turns out he condones it. I asked him to fix this and he said he'd try but I'm not sure he will. There are no trash cans or anything, just trash bags piled up. Is this against any NYC codes? How should I proceed?
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Can you get the super to buy a trashcan, and then move it away from your door? So that people still have somewher to put the trash, but it's not right at your door?
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Redistribute the trash bags in front of the doors of all your residents. If this doesn't work, empty their bags in front of their doors until they get the message.
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DSNY Digest of Codes

I think the codes only deal with the city collecting garbage from the sidewalk in front of the building though. I think you're going to need to speak with your neighbors.
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what happens to the trash that's on your landing on trash days? do the other residents take their bags from the landing to the street, or do garbage men roll into your building or what?

i have a magic chute my trash goes in.
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Deposit it in front of the Super's door...
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Response by poster: I think the super takes the piled-up trash down on trash days. That's partly why I thought he'd be on my side.

Occhiblu: I recommended a trash can. That would be slightly acceptable I suppose.
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Are the regular trash cans totally inaccessible or something? I agree, even with a trash can on the landing, that's not exactly a great situation. (And probably a fire hazard.)
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Best answer: Sec. 27-2021 Receptacles for waste matter

a. The owner or occupant in control of a dwelling shall provide and maintain metal cans, or other receptacles jointly approved as to specifications by the Department, the Department of Sanitation and the Department of Health, for the exclusive use of each building, which shall be of sufficient size and number to contain the wastes accumulated in such building during a period of seventy-two hours. No receptacle shall be filled to a height so as to prevent the effective closure thereof and no receptacle shall weigh more than one hundred pounds when filled. The receptacles shall be so constructed as to hold their contents without leakage. Metal cans shall be provided with tight-fitting covers and other receptacles shall be effectively closed when requested by the Department of Sanitation, the owner or occupant in control shall separate and place in separate receptacles, ashes, organic and inorganic wastes. Nothing contained in this subdivision shall prevent the department, the Department of Sanitation and the Department of Health from jointly approving as to specifications other systems for the disposal of waste utilizing containers of larger size and different construction as may be appropriate for such systems.

b. Metal cans shall be kept within the dwelling or as required by the department until the time for removal of their contents when they shall be placed in front of the dwelling. When inside storage is required, receptacles of other materials shall be kept in a metal can or a rat proof and fireproof room until the time of their removal when they shall be removed from the metal can and be neatly stacked in front of the dwelling. After the contents have been removed by the Department of Sanitation, any receptacles remaining shall be returned promptly to their place of storage. Metal cans shall be kept covered at all times and shall be disinfected regularly and maintained in a sanitary condition. Yard sweepings, hedge cuttings, grass, leaves, earth, stone, or bricks shall not be mixed with household wastes.

c. Newspapers, wrapping paper, or other inorganic wastes, which are likely to be blown or scattered about the streets shall be securely bundled, tied or packed before being placed for collection. Such material shall be kept and placed for collection in the same manner as the receptacles.

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I'm sure caddis is right, but I've seen a lot of evidence to indicate that those rules don't get enforced at all.
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Can you start complaining about rats or cockroaches? Or just mention that you've seen them on the landing?
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How large is you building? If you've only got a few neighbors, you can talk it over with them. If not, you need to escalate it officially.
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Your landlord has to provide a trashcan.

He may actually do it, now that you've brought it to his attention.

If he doesn't, just call 311 and find out the phone number for the correct government agency to report this to. Then make the report. They'll lean on your landlord harder than you're able to, and maybe fine him as well.

This will not make your landlord love you, though, so be certain it's a fight you're willing to pick before you start.

Don't empty out trash bags in front of your neighbors' apartments. They're just doing what they've been asked to do; they probably don't like it any more than you do.
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Talking it over with the neighbours might be helpful, but don't get confrontational with them. Your issue is with the landlord/super (especially if your neighbours have no place else to put the trash other than in the hall).
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Just seconding 311. I've made two complaints via 311, and gotten immediate excellent results. Neither was about my building, but other neighborhood nuisances, like a parking lot that was parking cars well onto the sidewalk. That was remedied the very next day.
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