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I need help coming up with a clever and not-too-obvious name for my new blog on urban planning.

I envision the blog as sort of a Cliffs Notes of urban planning, with an emphasis on sustainability and links to articles about city planning, design, transportation, and the environment. The design will be art deco, and I'm looking for a suitable name, maybe a literary reference to a utopian city. I really have no ideas at this point but would like the name to be a little cheeky. Also, if you're into urban planning issues and would like to see something in particular addressed in the blog, let me know. Thanks!
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The Corner of [noun 1 - utopian city?] & [noun 2 - no idea]
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Best answer: Urban Urbane
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Just "urbane" could be good, too. Or puns on that -- Urbane of My Existence.

Hmmm, well, maybe that's the only pun...
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Brave New Blog

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The Sprawl (,, maybe?)
The Exapansionist
Area ( has a nice ring to it, I think)
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bah, Expansionist, I meant
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kinda long but 'make no little posts. they have no magic to stir men's blood'.
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New Urbanista
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Pangloss Piazza.
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Yield to Total Elation (YTTE). Reference to the most beautifully illustrated utiopia.
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Response by poster: Shangri-blog made me laugh. I like the simplicity of Drunken_munky's suggestions...ideas that reverse these suggestions (focusing on density instead or sprawl) would be appreciated.
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The Blurb
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(The) Citifier
Concrete Abstracts
Herb 'n' Planning
Urban Plan B
Urban Plan 9 From Outer Space
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Best answer: Urban Outwitters
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Ur Urban
The Urbarn
Ur Banhammer
The Grid
Towering Informo
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Best answer: A Pattern Bloguage (ouch, that sounds really bad, but I had to get it out--in the same vein, you could use The Timeless Way of Blogging).

New Urban Prospect (referencing the Lewis Mumford book).
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How about, 'Building Up' -- its positive and reflects the density thing.
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itty bitty cities
tales of pretty cities
the city nitty gritty
blah blah something witty city
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where the sidewalk ends
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Urban Procrastinating
Zoning Flaws
Where Should We Put All This Shit?

Booze oriented:
Urban Bourban Turban (like a beer helmet)
Gin City 2000

Bonus Hanson blog name:
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The Corner of [noun 1 - utopian city?] & [noun 2 - no idea]

The Corner of Today and Tomorrow
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Sounds promising — please add it to Projects.
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Urban Urbane is great, and maybe you could call an appropriate section Urbane Renewal. (A newsroom co-worker of mine titled a party invitation thusly a couple of decades ago, but he made the invite look so professional that several people, apparently missing the "e" in "Urbane," thought it was a boring press release and just threw it out.)
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Response by poster: If you're keeping score, I really like New Urban Prospect, even though it's not what I asked for. All the suggestions are great, and some may become essay titles and headings. But I realized the clever stuff puts pressure on me to be witty, and the New Urban Prospect has lead me in a totally different direction. It sounds generic, like propaganda. I'm thinking about going a little more agitprop in tone and abbreviating the title to NUPro in some places (Yeah, it's a dog food, too). A friend suggested looking a Spanish civil war posters and modifying the art deco style. So yeah, thanks for the suggestions. They really put things in perspective.
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