Where can I find purse- and bag-making supplies online?
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Where can I find purse- and bag-making supplies online?

I need things like clasps (NOT the magnetic snap ones that are abundant), straps, handles, etc. I also need a source to purchase ready-made 2" adjustable shoulder straps, like what you'd find on a messenger bag. Thanks in advance for your help, online shopping geniuses of the green board.
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There are tons of sources and links in the handbag/purse threads at Craftser. The ads on the right hand side of the page often feature handbag supplies, too. I've gotten lots of good tips and ideas from the threads there.

I've ordered a few things from Hand Bag Supplies, and really like their quality. Their site pretty much sucks, though. It basically consists of scans of their catalog pages.
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My grandfather always used to buy his stuff from Tandy Leather. They still seem to have a decent selection, however it may be a bit "Western" for what you're looking for.
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Forgot to mention that I've gotten webbing here twice, and it's good quality. I use it for tote bag and messenger bag straps.
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I like this place for seatbelt webbing.

Denver fabrics also has a ton of purse supplies.

I like to get straps and release buckles from my local army-navy surplus store. You should check one out near you to see if they have any handy materials.
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Seconding the UMX reccomendation iconomy linked to- the UI stinks - but everything i've ordered from them has been good.
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I think M&J Trimming's site has some pretty cool handbag handles.
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Another vote for UMX. I have ordered from there only once, but had no problems. Yes, their website is not the prettiest...

I recommend to start here and view the pages of their print catalog.
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Tall Poppy
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