Help me plan a 5 day get-away
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Going from East Coast to Vegas in July for 5 days -- Family not friends. Assuming we spend 2 days in Vegas, what is the best way to spend the remaining three ?

I was thinking, after the lights and Sounds of Vegas for 2 days, relax in Big Bear Lake ? Head on to San Diego and spend a day at Seaworld, by the beach, use the fifth day to drive to Vegas for flight back. I thought about the customary trips to LA or Grand Canyon from Vegas but neither appeals quite as much.
Also, does can anyone suggest places to stay in Big Bear (party of 4, I am thinking scenic, cabin type settings)
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If I were you, I would replace Big Bear and San Diego with Sequoia National Park and Monterey, respectively.

My wife and I almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the Eagle's Nest in Big Bear, but that was our fault and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.
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Death Valley, Hoover dam, and Zion are all within a days drive of Vegas. Death Valley is an incredible place, but you will spend lots of time driving to see it all.

San Diego has plenty to keep you busy for two days.

However....... Be aware that the highway between LA/SD and Vegas can be *very* slow. Two lanes most of the way when they really need 3-4. San Diego to Vegas can easily take 6+ hours. Sometimes you hit it just right, but most days you'll find traffic jams out in the desert.

If it was me I'd do Death Valley one day, and San Diego the next. Book a hotel room in Death Valley early.
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Also...... Seaworld is just Vegas all over, but with finny mammals and water. Very very crowded. Really cheesy. Too expensive. I'd suggest the zoo and Balboa Park instead.
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Depends on how much driving you want to do. You could make it up to Yosemite, or you could do Death Valley. My personal preference would be for Zion. Absolutely amazing, and maybe 3.5 hours away from Vegas. You could go there, stay in one of the inns right outside the park, and spend two days hiking and exploring and checking out the scenery and then drive back the third day.
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I would definitely go to Zion. I have been to a lot of different places in this country, and it is one of my favorites. And it's actually only about 2:45 hours away from vegas.
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