Intercom function on BT lines
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I'm sure there used to be a code one could dial on UK telephones which would cause the line to ring - thereby achieving intercom functionality? This number was something like *173, but either my memory fails me or it no longer works. Any ideas on the specifics?
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Best answer: Have a look at this list of network service codes. This Wikipedia article mentions the (prevention of) the use of ringback numbers as an intercom function.

From what I remember, it used to be *73, but it does seem to have changed.
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17070, then press 1.
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In some systems you do that by dialing your own phone number. Have you tried that?
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I don't have a BT phone here, so I can't test it, but I remember it as *73 as well. That's the engineer test line, so the ring it gives is not the ordinary one.

There's also a delay before it works -- you'll get silence on the line for a while, then a voice telling you what number you are calling from. When it says "Start test", hangup then wait a while. The phone will ring. When you pickup, it'll ask you to dial next test. It's hard to talk over.

17070 also rings a bell (boom)
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Response by poster: @ Steven
So far as I am aware, dialling your own telephone number in the UK (on BT, Telewest, NTL) results in an engaged tone, but thanks.

Thanks for the links, proved an interesting read. I wonder *why* they are so keen to prevent intercom use? Surely it makes no difference to them.

All: *73 seems no longer to work. Thanks!
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What we used to do as kids was dial our own number then hang up before getting a busy signal and the phone would ring.

Lots of pranks started that way, AIR. Don't know if it would still work the same way.
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We use it as an intercom sometimes as well, in New Zealand it's 137.
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