Where to stay in Padua
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Places to stay in Padua?

My parents are going to Padua for the weekend, partly for my mother's history of art degree, so she can see the Scrovengi chapel, and partly for a holiday. Could anyone recomend a nice hotel for them to stay in?

Ideally it should be small, pretty, traditional hotel, fairly near the centre of town. Think four poster beds and traditional architecture, rather than 24-hr room service and swimming pools. Middle of the price range.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Since you've mentioned it, I hope your parents know that they need to book in advance and arrive early to see the chapel. I just mention it to cover the 1/1000 chance that they don't.

Also, I have found the reviews at TripAdvisor to be useful when looking for accommodation in Italy, you might find it helpful to check those alongside any responses you get here.
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