Get a lazy router to work.
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Yet another tech support question: Help me get my router to play nice!

So most of the time I can connect to the internet using my wireless router (a Netgear WGT624) just fine. Every so often, though, when I put my laptop into sleep mode, when I turn it back on the router pretends it doesn't exist.

On the available networks page, I can see it broadcasting at full power, but when I attempt to connect, my laptop never gets a response. I know it's the router and not my laptop because my laptop still can connect fine to the unsecured network someone else has nearby.

Ways I've gotten it to work again in the past:
1. The first few times, I rebooted my laptop, and then everything worked fine again.
2. After the first few times, that stopped working. The next time, it started working after I logged onto the other network nearby, and then immediately disconnected. All of a sudden, the router and laptop were playing nice again.
3. The last time it happened, neither 1 or 2 worked. I fixed it by unplugging the router, and plugging back in.

I feel like it's adapting to my attempts to get it under control. Please help.

More info:

I'm running windows XP on an IBM Thinkpad.
Router is configured to use WPA encryption.
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Yeah, this sort of thing happens sometimes.

We'd need some more details, like if it happens after you've connected to another network.

First thing to do is to update your router's firmware. Go to the netgear webpage for details on that.

If that doesn't help, try disabling and re-enabling your wireless connection on your laptop or try rebooting the router.
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Wait, I see - it is because it was in sleep mode. I bet that your router already thinks that your laptop is connected.

How about instead of using sleep mode, log off your laptop or switch users? Switching users (in multiuser login mode - just add a guest account under users in the control panel) would allow you to not be logged into your account, but leaves all your programs and web pages open.
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Occasionally after sleep mode some laptops have trouble re-initializing their wireless interfaces.

You may want to try disabling and enabling the adapter in the network control panel or via the keyboard shortcut if present.

In my experience Thinkpads generally don't do very will with hopping networks and re-establishing connectivity after being sleeping.

At this point based on what you have described it seems to be a local laptop issue rather than a wireless router issue.
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Response by poster: Hi k8t. Answers:

1. It doesn't happen after I connect to another network. Only if I put my laptop in sleep mode and turn back on. (It might be an issue if I turn the laptop off too, but I don't do that enough to know.)

2. I'll try updating the firmware when I get home tonight, but meanwhile, I can say as to #3:

3. Disabling and re-enabling doesn't work. Turning off the router (I did this just by unplugging it. Couldn't find a switch on the router itself.) is what fixed it the last time. I'd prefer not to have this be my solution because the router is in my roommate's room, and I can't exactly barge in there if I want internet at 2 am.
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Best answer: My Lenovo N100 had a similar problem.

I updated to the latest Intel network driver (not through windows, GO to the intel site and get it) and the problem went away.

Also - there's many-a-thread about this over at

Hope this helps.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I don't put it in sleep mode for security. I do it because I'm gone all day, and don't really see a need to keep my laptop running. Would logging off and then entering sleep mode help?

Jimmy, thanks. Are these the drivers you were talking about? I'll try them tonight.
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Best answer: Yes most likely you have a 2915ABG or something along those likes. Look in your device manager to be sure, then download the latest.
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