Hyper-caffeinated Shock Coffee
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Have you ever tasted hyper-caffeinated Shock coffee? If so, your review?
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My house at school had a yearly event with donated Shock products (coffee and Shock-a-lots [choc. covered beans]) so I've had it a bunch of times.

Flavor-wise, it's pretty much like any other kind of coffee. Maybe slightly more bitter, but I drank it w/ cream and sugar so it wasn't that noticeable. It has a very rich flavor.

Buzz-wise, I didn't notice it being that much more exciting, but since I always drank it in a "party" situation accompanied by baked goods, it's hard to trace the source of my hyper behavior.
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Check out what the folks at alt.coffee said about it (quite a few years ago). The verdict? They use a lot of robusta beans in the blend (since they're higher in caffeine). The result? Tastes like Maxwell House. Avoid.
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A really good high caffeine coffee is Pony Express from Thanksgiving coffee company. I am a regular Peets drinker, and while this isn't quite up to their standards, the taste is quite good. And trust me it works. You will be wired. But in a good way.
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I'll second the recommendation of Pony Express if you need a massive dose of dark roast caffeine.

If you REALLY want a buzz, splurge on a half-pound of fresh, medium-roast Jamaican Blue Mountain beans. Your first high may last most of a DAY.
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I'm intrigued by the Pony Express suggestion and will investigate it further.

Other reviews of Shock and other recommendations will be appreciated.

Separately, how did some of you find this question? I'm new to Ask Mefi and don't fully understand where a question appears from day-to-day.

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Separately, how did some of you find this question?

Personally, I just go to the front page and browse through the questions listed there. They're listed in reverse date order. That's how I got here.

(Sadly, I have no opinions on the coffee- I was curious what other people were saying.)
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I recently sampled Burger King's BK Joe Turbo and found it to be an above-average mass-marketed brew.
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