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Will a standard baby seat properly (comfortably) fit in the back of a new MINI?

Anybody have experience with toddlers and Minis? Are they incompatible?
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The Canadian Mini web site states:
How "child-friendly" is the MINI?

ISOFIX mountings designed to perfectly accommodate all types of CSA approved child safety seats are optional for rear seats in all MINI models. A passenger side front seat airbag deactivation feature is available, thereby allowing MINI drivers added flexibility in terms of occupant positioning. MINI Canada does recommend that all children below the age of 12 sit in the rear seats.
ISOFIX is apparently a new standard for securing baby seats.

I don't own a Mini, but I do have two kids and my general suggestion is not to give them anything in the car you don't want them to spill.
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No direct experience, but I know it will depend on the car seat (there is really no "standard") for any car. There used to be a guide at iVillage that matched seats to cars, but I don't think it has been updated in a while. They have a car seat messageboard you can try. Also, you might contact the people who run this database (I didn't see the mini in there).

Also, try calling up a Mini dealer. They probably get this question often.
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The new Mini is listed as "BMW : Mini Cooper" at the car seat database.
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If Britney Spears can do it, why can't you?
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My car seat advice from a recent thread might be of some help. We had trouble fitting anything but a Britax Marathon in our *Civic*.
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Britney Spears also does this:
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I had a MINI for over a year, and it worked just fine with for my 4 year old son. It's definitely tight, but the child seat fits without any problems and has the LATCH system as well. Getting in and out of the back seat is a little bit more difficult; I wouldn't want to try putting my new 7 month old in the backseat regularly.

Let me know if you have any more questions about the MINI.
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If you're seriously considering buying the car, take your car seat down to the dealer and try to install it. They shouldn't have any problem with that - it would likely consider it a good sign that you are very interested.
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Or do you already have the car but no car seat?
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No, raedyn I have not bought a MINI yet. I appreciate all the real-world (no dealer BS) advise so far.
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I had trouble with an infant seat (Graco) in our Audi A4 wagon. The base which stays in the car extends the position of the seat toward the front enough such that the seat would only fit in the middle (safest) but does not have the LATCH attachments (LATCH is only for each side). When I went to the Mini dealer, the salesperson assured a fit with a child seat but note that an infant seat takes more room front-to-back than a forward-facing seat which is more upright. I was also told at the dealership that a "stretch" mini is due sometime soon, which will add a few inches to the back seat. The infant seat takes up less space without the snap-in base and we've found we don't need the snap-in base, after transferring The Boy ™ from plane to taxi time and time again.
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I know a couple with a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and they fit both of them in their Mini.
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Check that the car seat will fit in the backseat of your car (even in the middle) WITHOUT touching the front seats, then check that your seats are not too close to the airbags/dash. I don't have a Mini, so maybe this is doable.
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I sucessfully fit an infant carseat (MaxiCosi Cabrio) in the back of a Mini, but I had to move the front seat pretty far forward to do it. The back center position didn't work at all. A forward-facing seat would likely work in any position, but getting the kid in and out and strapped down will be awkward no matter what you do. After a few months I sadly traded in my Mini for an Outback Sport.

As a side note: the Quinny Zapp may be the only stroller in the world that folds compactly enough to fit in the boot of a Mini. It may lack some of the amenities of the luxury strollers, but all in all it's a great ride.
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Probably too late now, but we could fit an infant carrier in the Mini, and a convertible car seat facing forward, but the convertible seat wouldn't fit rear-wards facing.
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