Clinics in London?
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Sexual health clinic options for a tourist in London?

I just arrived, but need to be seen soon for something hopefully benign, but annoying and painful. Plus, if its not benign, I dont want to let it go for the length of my trip. I see there are sexual health clinics, which I assume are like planned parenthood in the states? Will they see a tourist? I understand I can just go to a hospital for a nominal fee, but feel strange going to an "emergency room" for something that is not an emergency.
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Do you have travel health insurance?
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Go to Marie Stopes.
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this is nice and simple
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You can get it examined and treated at NHS sexual health/GUM clinics (search here). The formal position is that you are supposed to pay (unless you have one of certain unnamed infectious diseases, or are an Israeli victim of an industrial injury, etc., see rules) but I suspect many clinics will not require (or even ask for) evidence of residency, particularly the walk-in clinics listed here. However, without a UK address, it is probably difficult to get a prescription filled without paying full price.
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If you're from the European Union, you can get treatment on the National Health Service via the reciprocal treatment arrangement. I suspect you aren't so you have various options - there are walk-in clinics at a couple of main railway stations, I think including Euston and Victoria, and if they can't treat you they may be able to suggest where you should go. Also Marie Stopes as cushie says. Price list.
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Victoria Clinic, Westminster. You'll need to make an appointment.

Don't ask me how I know. I just do. It wasn't my fault. Honest. No, really. Honest.
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I think that others basically have it covered. If you need more help, you can call NHS Direct at 0845 4647.
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Should have previewed, but in response to the point that altolinguistic makes: I get the feeling that these sort of clinics operate on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis. As far as I'm aware, you don't even have to give your correct name. The idea being, I suppose, is that they don't want to deter people who are afraid that a note about their visit to the clap clinic will be indelibly etched upon their medical record.

I would say that it makes more sense to ensure that our USian cousins are pox-free, rather than infecting us Brits.

If all else fails, wear a false moustache, adopt a fake British accent, and be prepared to run if they call security.
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