Nostalgia For A Nonexistent Past?
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Help me find two toys from my childhood.

I'm trying to track down two toys from my childhood, with little or no success from Google or eBay. I suspect this is either because I'm not searching on the correct strings, or because I'm misremembering the toys. Hopefully someone else out in the green had the same toys, and knows the actual names.

Toy 1: a largeish fire engine or truck (approximately the size of a Crock-Pot), almost certainly made out of some sort of metal, to which one could attach a garden hose and shoot water out of the nozzle on the end of the ladder. I remember it having crank wheels to raise and lower the ladder. The approximate era would be 1975-1984.

Toy 2: a Play-Doh fire engine that would let you "pump" blue Play-Doh through it in simulation of water, and that's my only detailed memory of it. The era on this one could be anywhere from 1972 to 1984.
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Sorry, no help here but they sound like absolutely wonderful toys. Hope you find em. Bet Pla-Doh has a website or catalog of their kits. Good luck in tracking them down. Childhood toy memories evoke nostalgia of the most irresistable sort.
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Toy 1 sounds like a fire truck my kid brother had made by Tonka. The garden hose feature was disabled by mom shortly after it's first test.
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I had a firetruck that you could attach a hose to like you speak of, and the era fits as well. I don't remember the brand, but as I'm sure my parents would have gotten it from Sears or K-Mart it had to have been a major manufacturer.

And shouldn't this question have the "Rosebud" tag?
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I had that fire truck. Unfortunately, I was too young to figure out the hose part and my parents never pointed it out. Bastards.

It was a Tonka

Jesus, I should buy it just so I can finally do the hose thing.

Now, if you can find me the soundtrack record to "Earthquake Tower" we'll call it even.
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The play-doh thing is called Pumper Number Nine and was available in the mid-seventies. You can see a picture of it in the ad in this ebay auction. We had friends with one when I was a kid, they were helll to clean.
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Definitely metal. I dropped one on my dad's face in 1979 to see what would happen.
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wow. I had the play-doh funny pumper (scroll for photo, if you desire) and had, up until now, forgotten the many hours of fun I had with it. Even though it was indeed, hell to clean.

And what was up with that name?
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Now, if you can find me the soundtrack record to "Earthquake Tower" we'll call it even.
Was this a television show? Game? Tell me what it was, and I'll try.

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Was this a television show? Game? Tell me what it was, and I'll try.

Only the greatest toy ever!

(Yes, I know I could buy it but he doesn't take Paypal and from the looks of it he doesn't have the record.)

The "record" was a flimsy sheet of vinyl with various sirens and screams on it.
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