Reputable trade-ins for laptops?
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Where can I trade-in my used laptop for money, not for a discount on a new laptop?

Gateway seems to be the only major merchant that will accept an old laptop and send me a check... most of the other sites just want to give me a discount on a new laptop I'd buy from them. Googling turns up this site but I'm leery, as it's based in Singapore. (I'm in the USA.)

Additionally, I'd like it if the site would give me an estimate on how much I'd get before it makes me give them my name and address, etc... but that's not a requirement.

The laptop I kind of have my eye on is the Toshiba Satellite P105-S921, so if the merchant that takes trade-ins sells those, that might be okay too.
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I don't understand what you're asking here.

Trading in for money is also known as...selling to a second hand store, right? If you want money for a laptop, sell it second hand. Ebay. Pawn shop. Please clarity the relevance of "trading in" in this case (or am I being stupid?)
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Um, I agree with Jimbob on this one. If you want to money for your laptop, I'd recommend ebay or craigslist. A quick google of we buy used laptops got this site.

Still, for all the hassle of shipping, I'd just ebay the thing.
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ebay ftw
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You are assuming that the company that makes the trade-in actually wants used computers. They don't. They want to sell you a new computer and they will give you a discount off of full price for trading in your old laptop. They may give the old ones away to charity and get a tax deduction, or even throw them away.

This is a common sale technique used in lots of industries. There are Men's stores that let you bring in a old suit to get half off of the new one. Generally you buy a few shirts, some ties, etc. The net effect is that they paid for the discount on the suit by all the stuff you just bought. You think it's an extra special deal because the trade-in gives it credibility. If they just had the suit half price, you would think it was just a cheap suit. The old suits are given to charity or tossed.

If you actually want a decent amount of money for old equipment, do what the above posters recommend.
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EBay or Craigslist. There are many, many scammers, and laptops are a target for them. The money you'd get on a tradein is paltry, if you want to sell it cheap, you'll be able to sell it fast. Make sure you erase all old data.
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