Any free or cheap online contact managment software for business?
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Does anyone know of any good free or cheap online contact management software? I would like to keep track of when i have talked to a certain contact and possibly as Rss feed or email reminder system to remind me to follow up with contacts.
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Best answer: See this wikipedia list of open-source PIMs - one of them may do most of what you want, and if you like to tinker you may be able to get one to do exactly what you want.

Also, in a very rough and not very secure way, you can use Google Calendar to do what you want. I'm using it that way right now to put together a reunion this summer.

Finally, Hipergate claims to offer free open source firmware-grade CRM software, but I know nothing about them or their products, so approach with caution.
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Best answer: I've played around with SugarCRM a little. It's pretty good. It doesn't have the RSS thing (well you have to look in sugar forge to be sure), but it does do the email thing.
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Just looked, it does do some kind of RSS thing... I just don't know how to configure it.
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