Safe walking in SF at midnight?
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Is it safe to walk from Great American Music Hall (SF) to BART after a show?

Yep. I'm from the burbs. Sorry. I usually drive, but I going to give public transit a shot. But SF does have its.. special... issues. Can my wife and I walk that far at midnaight and be safe, or is a cab a better idea?
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You're definitely in one of the more sketchy parts of town (the Tenderloin district). I would recommend a cab.

I've walked through that neighborhood before and never had a problem, and hey, many people live there, it has good nightlife and there are lots of people around, and you will probably not have any trouble. In fact you will probably move with a wave of fellow concert goers after the show in which case, no problem. But if you wind up walking by yourselves and you look scared and out of place you are taking a bit of a risk. (stride confidently and trouble is less likely.) For five bucks you can skip the anxiety.
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Sure, you can walk. For the best-lit, "safest" route (though hardly the shortest!), walk over to Van Ness, down Van Ness to Market and then down Market to the BART station. You'll evade the seediest bits that way.
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(Disclaimer: I'm an intimidatingly large, long-haired male and I've been told I walk like a juggernaut. My advice about safe walking may not apply to women, small men, or people who emit victim vibes)
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Been to SF many times and there's no doubt at that hour and the circumstances - get the cab. It's money well spent.
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You could take the Geary bus down O'Farrell east to Market and take the Montgomery or Embarcadero station. But *don't* walk down Civic Center or Powell at that hour.
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Aw, Powell is fine. The Tenderloin isn't that bad. But yeah, Van Ness is a good, well-lit boulevard to walk down if you want to avoid misery and hustlers.
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I haven't lived there in a while, but I would not worry about it. If you leave when the show ends, you probably won't even be the only ones heading to the BART - There may even be people getting out of movies from the multitude of theaters right down the block. If you step out and feel worried, take the cab.
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Do the faregates close at midnight? Or do they close just before the last train leaves (usually 12:15 or so)?

I've had to scoot out of shows early because I was worried about BART closing. Grrr.
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I'm a woman who very consciously avoids "bad" (ie, deserted and scary) streets after dark. I have no problem on Van Ness, and I'd follow majick's route without any problem. In fact, I live near the Civic Center BART station and just went to a show at the GAMH the other night, and did in fact follow majick's route.
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I walked from GAMH to City Hall last Thursday night around 11-ish without giving it a second thought. It is a city, so it is not all beautiful, but it is pretty safe.
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Unless things have deteriorated significantly in the year and a half since I moved back to London, you should be able to walk without a problem.
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As a Cal student a couple of friends and I missed the last BART back once and ended up wandering all over SF on foot the whole night without any problems (all three of us are small people, I was the largest at 5'7 & 135lbs). It couldn't have hurt that there were three of us and that we were dressed shabbily, so YMMV. This was a few years back now, but I don't imagine things have changed that much.
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Absolutely. If it was your wife alone, I might suggest a cab, but the two of you will have no problem. Just make sure you get to BART before it shuts down.
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I would walk, and have done so many times. (My wife also works in the baddest bit of the tenderloin and has for a few years. She occassionally comes home late and has never had a problem. Seen some unsavory stuff sure, but no real safety issues.) If the two of you are together, you aren't likely to have many problems. More along the lines of people sleeping where you want to be walking or drunk people walking back from a show at GAMH!

If you really really don't feel safe, take a cab. I wouldn't recommend screwing around with the bus at that hour if you are hoping to catch bart to go home.

I'm saying this as someone who is not a big person, and who (drunk as I was) was mugged once by a person pointing a knife at me. It was very very scary. What that taught me is sometimes it has more to do with what you project (drunk tourist? or regular person just making their way home?) than with what neighborhood you're walking through.
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I walked and lived. It was a touch weird seeing so many people laying in the street, and a few women doing business. But there were lots of other walkers. I'd do it again

We did have interesting times on BART home. Photos at
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