Give my baby some light!
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Sources for baby-ish lighting?

I've been searching high and low for a lighting solution for our kid-to-be's nursery. The room is small, with no ceiling light fixture and just a few scattered outlets (one of which is controlled by a wall switch). I'm mainly concerned with providing just enough light for reading in the evening -- I'd prefer the nursery never be brightly lit at night, and it gets plenty of sunlight in the daytime. I'd also prefer the lamp be all-white to match our decor.

I originally planned on one of those tree-type floor lamps (the kind with multiple bulbs) but they all look too industrial/office-like, and/or only come in black or silver. I also want to avoid those torchiere-style halogen lamps that everyone had in college. Baby stores don't seem to carry floor lamps, and I have yet to find anything suitable at Ikea, Lowe's, Home Depot or Target.

Any ideas for a suitable light fixture? Bonus if you can point out a specific store (I'm in the Washington, DC area) or website. Thanks!
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Best answer: Any of these help?

I love the one that looks like a birdhouse.
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We've used this in both our sons' rooms. It's sometimes a bit dark but in the nursery it works very well.
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For anyone else with a similar question; I love the Ikea kids stuff (but I see that you haven't found anything you like there).
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Are you looking in the kid sections of those stores, or the regular section? No need to use a 'baby' floor lamp. What about a regular lamp - not the torcheire-style ones? Something like this (dimmer switch), or this or even this? Do you want a floor or table lamp? I would guess a dimmer is important.
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Those 5-arm deals also come in color: the cheap version here and the more expensive/crackle version here.
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I know you said nothing at Ikea caught your eye, but what about something like this? A torchiere when you need light in the whole room at night (changing sheets, etc.) but also a separate reading lamp for lower light. Both on separate dimmers.
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