Who runs errands in Springfield, IL?
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Courier Service in Springfield, IL? Or really, a sort of personal errand? I'm in Slovenia. I need an apostille for a certified birth certificate here by Friday the 23rd.

I actually have two certified birth certificates here, and am fedexing one to Illinois' Secretary of State's office on Monday, with an enclosed, pre-paid, pre-addressed fedex envelope. After speaking with that office, they say it takes five business days to process requests received in the mail. If they receive the item Wednesday and send it back out five days later, I might receive it on Friday the 23rd, or it might show up the following Monday. (That would be bad.)

Unfortunately, although I ordered the birth certificates a couple of months ago, I didn't find out about the apostille requirement until late enough today that I couldn't make it to the fedex office.

So, the question: Is there some kind of concierge/courier/other service in Springfield, IL to whom I could send a birth certificate and who would then get an apostille for it and fedex it back to me? I called the Secretary of State Office and they said they can do an Apostille while you wait. Trustworthy and reliable are probably the major keywords here.

Or does anyone have a better suggestion?

If you're wondering what this is for: team.cactus++ ...hopefully on the 24th. Ack!
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Best answer: Bizarrely enough I was looking for a courier service in Springfield on Tuesday. I foudn Alpha & Omega - 2048 Keystone Drive - 217.525.1198. They did a great job for my business-related task. I am sure they would do the same for you.
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