Storage facilities in New York that will receive packages?
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Moving to NYC. Are there any storage facilities that will receive my shipped boxes and put them in my storage unit for me?

I'm looking at shipping about 10-15 boxes of varying sizes, but I won't be in the city for another 3-4 weeks. I'd be happy to hire someone to move everything up to my space in one fell swoop, but previous experience has shown that the boxes will trickle in over the course of several days. Any suggestions?
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Try Mailboxes, Etc. They have a virtual doorman service in NYC, which is what you need. Its not mentioned on their website (after a quick review) but I saw it in one of their store windows just yesterday.
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Check out Door to Door

Basically, they drop off a big metal box on a palette. You load it up, lock it up, then they move it and /or store it for you.
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See also PODS
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I've used American Self Storage and they're great, but I don't know if they will accept packages under your name and place them in your storage space or not.
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Ah..thanks for rattling my brain, Megafly. PODS was the one I was originally thinking of, but crosswired it w/ Door to Door.
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned I'm shipping the boxes fedex ground/usps media mail.

Mailboxes Etc. sounds promising, but I have to get someone on the other end to set it up. $40/month to receive unlimited packages or $5/package.
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When I moved to NYC, I shipped the stuff via FedEx Ground the day before I left and it all arrived 2-3 days after I got there.

Is there someone in your current location who could hang onto your stuff and send it to you when you are ready?
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Oh, I should have mentioned that you should check out one of the retail UPS Store locations. I have a mailbox with one of them right near my job and it's very convenient and affordable. It's $20/mo. with an extra $5/mo. if you want 24-hour access to your mailbox (this might not be availible at all their locations). I'm not sure exactly how long they'll hold on to your packages but I doubt it would be too much of a problem to leave them there for a week or two.
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