How to get computer to recognize USB thumb drive
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What can I do to get my computer to recognize my USB thumb drive?

It's worked previously: plug it in, the computer recognizes it's there, voila. Today, nothing. Anything I can do manually to get my computer to recognize the USB drive?

It's a Memorex travel drive and says "USB 2.0" on the bottom, if that helps.
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Oh, and computer is WinXp, SP2
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try putting it in different USB ports? sometimes these devices only work in the port they were originally put in.
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Yes, alto, I tried that. Tried every port. 2 in front, 4 in back. No luck.

The kicker is that I had a co-worker plug it in his machine, and it came right up.
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Did you power off and power back on your machine? Did you check the USB ports with other devices to make sure the ports are working?
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I had a similar problem. It is listed as drive G, but the machine is already using drive G. You need to rename the USB drive.

Control Panel: Administrative Tools: Computer Management: Disk Management: find the USB drive and rename it.
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my problem previously also.
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Classic Diner's answer was the closest to getting it fixed.

The solution was in the Hardware > Device Manager screen, it had been disabled. Re-anabling it got it come up just fine.

It did not, though, need to be renamed.
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