Where can I get my hands on a Rockstar cooler?
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Where can I get my hands on a Rockstar (energy drink) cooler/refrigerator?

These are the Rockstar coolers that you may have seen at bars, grocery, and convenient stores. They are fairly small, like a dorm room refrigerator, except they have a glass door and Rockstar branding.

They are not available on Rockstar's website, and contacting Rockstar results in a "they are only available through distributors" response. Asking who a local distributor might be (Wisconsin) generates an oddly secretive response (dancing around the subject).

I've checked ebay, and I've scoured the Internet thoroughly. I can't find one, or seem to figure out who the Rockstar distributor is here in Wisconsin.

Short of pretending to be a bar owner, calling every beverage distributor in Wisconsin, and setting up an account, how the heck do I go about getting my hands on one of these coolers?

I know it's an unusual request. Some friends and I are just oddly crazy about the stuff.
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Ask one of the bars who their Rockstar distributor is?

Although they still might not be setup to sell you one; I think the main purpose of this kinda shwag is to increase the visibility of the product.

Also, you could call Michael Savage. I think him and/or his son own the company.
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Response by poster: Savage doesn't own it, but his son, Russ Weiner does.

I don't frequent bars very often, and I guess I don;t actually know of any that carry Rockstar. They all carry Red Bull.
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I'd try finding out who distributes it locally, and talk to them. I don't know how these energy drinks work, but with beer a local rep does all the ordering (including equipment and signage) so they might be able to help you out.
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As pointed out above, these things are not usually for sale. They're marketing tools first; the fridge function is completely secondary. As such, they're usually doled out by the company in order to promote brand visibility--there's no money for them in letting you have one for your home, even if you're purchasing it.
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I don't think you have a snowball's chance in hell of getting your hands on one of those fridges. However, if you are really desperate to try your luck with local distributors, you might want to try checking out the distributor listing on the Jones Soda site (yes, I know, jones doesn't make rockstar drinks) and call the distributors listed in your local area. It is highly possible that they they might also distribute Rockstar. Actually, it'll probably take only one call. If the first distributor doesn't distribute it, then ask them if they know who does.

I just checked out the rockstar site. I love how they don't mention michael savage at all. He is Dr. Michael Weiner on the site.
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You do have a snowball's chance in hell -- it's just a very small chance. I know a guy who's got a Cristal fridge in his apartment. It's very similar to the one you're looking for, but it's um, classier. And it holds Champagne bottles.

That said, he was very tight with many alcohol/bar drink distributors with work. And I take it that his bar bought a shitload of product.

So it's probably a personal-favor type thing. You'll never buy one as a shmoe off the street. But they are out there and people do get 'em. My advice: make friends with a owner / manager / etc. at a bar. Good friends.
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there's no money for them in letting you have one for your home, even if you're purchasing it.

That appears to be a contradiction in terms. Perhaps "purchase" is not the word you are looking for, though...how about "bribe"? P.S. I'm crazy, so I might try showing up at the distributor in person.

I mean, really, come on, not letting you buy schwag?
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It's an ROI thing, trevyn.. in a bar, thousands of eyeballs see the fridge. At your home, not very many. Seeing as they either give out the fridges or sell them on razor-thin margins (less likely), even recouping the cost on one is pointless. It makes much more sense for all those eyeballs to see it than to have to order another unit.


If you can find out who their fulfillment company is--Rockstar almost certainly doesn't do this in-house--and make some friends there, it's possible (depending on the terms of their ocntract) that you could sweet-talk them out of an extra one sitting in the back. Or try and get one once they send out a redesigned version for a new promo.
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FWIW, I wanted the same thing for the Red Bull version. I eventually got one when I happened to be swinging by my local beverage distributer store (this was in PA where standard supermarkets and such can't sell alcohol), and I saw one sitting in the truck of a guy dropping off a new batch of stuff. It was a used one he was hauling away from a bar, so I just negotiated with him to get it. So it's possible, but a little (or a lot) of luck doesn't hurt.
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Welcome to the wacky world of Beverage Distribution.

Luckily for you, in the US, there are really only two distributors of Rockstar Products: Rockstar and Coca-Cola. Rockstar handles the Northwest US and Portions (mainly northern) of California. Coco-Cola Bottlers handle the rest (or should). This is unlike Dr Pepper which can be bottled by Pepsi, Coke, Cadbury-Shweppes, or an Independent in various locations.

If you're not able to get anywhere with them, Try calling a used store fixtures place in your town. These places buy mannequins, shelves, displays, coolers, etc when businesses go under. They may have a Rockstar cooler.

From your question, it appears you really want a Rockstar cooler...

Here's a link from BevNet from a company who makes them. Perhaps you can contact them and see if they can wrap it in the Rockstar Graphics.
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Response by poster: Thanks aristan. There's a CC bottler about 5 miles from my front door. I'll try my luck starting with them.
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I happened to see one of the coolers today at a local CVS. Looking inside, there were 2 stickers, each had phone numbers to call about the cooler. Next time you see one, look inside. I didn't have a pen to write down the numbers for you, but I'm sure you'll see the same stickers inside all the coolers.
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hey stainofmind if you're looking for a rockstar cooler get in contact with me I have 3 of them
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