What can I do south of the border?
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What is the English teaching situation like in Latin America right now? I'm looking for something to do for July and about half of August, and I have a TEFL certificate and some experience. Other suggestions for spending worthwhile time down there welcome. Sidenote: I don't speak Spanish, but learning would be a big incentive for going.

I taught in Vietnam for about two months last year, and I don't have anything to do this summer so I'd like to go somewhere in Latin America and try it out again. I'm in college so I don't have a BA yet, but I can't imagine that's a huge issue in developing countries (it certiainly wasn't in SE Asia).

Additionally, I'd be open to volunteering/working for an NGO or something. I know about idealist.org, where else can I look?

The main issue is money - Central/South America would be the cheapest destination, so I think I'm limited to that.
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I'm in BA at the moment, and there's more work than I can do...

Seriously, there is a real need for native speakers here and I would say 'just head down here.' BA is a great city and I know some folks who taught for IBL got free spanish lessons at the same time...
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I teach English in Brazil, and work wasn't hard to find. There are lots of schools, and previous experience would make you more employable. I wouldn't think you'd find a lot of work for such a short period, though. Maybe you could get conversation students on your own, or maybe you could find a school that was offering 4-week courses between semesters. Also, I wouldn't look too far south if you don't like cold weather. I hear that Rio is nice in the winter, but Curitiba, Florianopolis and Porto Alegre are very cold at times, and heated interiors are quite uncommon. And, of course, you won't learn much Spanish in Brazil!
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