what to see in Mt. Rainier National Park?
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what are the "must see" sites in or around Mt. Rainier National Park?

Getting married on Saturday, then spending the weekend at a cabin just outside the southwest corner of Mt. Rainier National Park. What are the "must see" sites in that area of the park? Best hiking trails?
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Must-sees besides the mountain itself, I assume? :) I went for the first time on Saturday, and frankly, just driving up the mountain to the Paradise Visitor's Center was so incredible that if you only did that you'd be psyched.
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Grove of the Ancients is a nice, easy hike for absolute beginners. You cross the Ohanapecosh river, which is cool for rockhounding.
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The Nisqually Vista Trail is the basic, short, easy, and beautiful trail (it starts from the visitor's center at Paradise). The other trails are also lovely, but more vigorous. I can't really see how you could go wrong with whatever you picked. Have a nice honeymoon!
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