Cheap, black tie or alternatives
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How would you go about finding a cheap tux in New York? Otherwise, what's the craziest way to satisfy a "black tie" dress code?

I think I might go to a party on Friday night for which the dress-code is black tie. However, judging by the people who are throwing the party, we're not going to be having polite conversation and sampling hors d'oeuvres. It's going to be more like a crazy fancy dress do.

So, rental is out and there's no way I'm buying a new suit for this. How can I somehow match this dress code by Friday night for under 50 bucks?

So I guess I'm looking for particular thrift store recommendations, and also costume ideas.

I hereby rule out a Chippendales-style collar and cuffs job.

I was thinking of getting a huge suit and trying to make a Mr Creosote (Monty Python's Meaning of Life) style costume. Any ideas to make this feasible?
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Response by poster: I'll add that I've considered borrowing a gown from my female housemate. Any tips on cross-dressing?
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Get thee to the ghetto! I rented a tux from a shop in Brooklyn, near the Grand stop of the L train. It cost me $60 for the whole deal, though they have both cheaper and more expensive options. I was pretty happy with the result. Contact info in profile.
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Best answer: Whoops-- if by Friday you mean "tomorrow", then that probably won't help you.

For a different event I bought black pants at H&M for $24 and a nice double-breasted black coat at the Salvation Army at Bedford and N7th for $15. Mens Wearhouse has a black bowtie for $9.99
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Best answer: Go to a thrift store / Salvation Army / etc. There is a Salvation Army store at 26th(?) between 6th and 7th. They will have a few tuxes, in various states. Hopefully there will be one in powder blue. And you might be able to pick up the tie and shirt there, too.
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The old stand-by.
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Wear a black turtleneck and black pants. Bonus points if your hair is white and you can somehow obtain huge glasses.
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Why not put your measurements up? Some kind soul might be moved to let you borrow for an evening.
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Best answer: Last time I was at the Housing Works at Hudson and 10th they had a tuxedo. Not sure about the measurements. The Upper East thrift shops are still the best for business or formal wear. There are a bunch in the 70s/80s on 2nd.
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Be prepared for the chance that everyone else is, in fact, in black tie when you arrive.
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For what it's worth, a kilt is considered appropriate for black tie.
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So how'd it work out?
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