Savannah edibles, tips, and tricks?
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We're driving from Atlanta to Savannah tomorrow, with infant and my parents, for a 4-day weekend wedding trip with lots of free time in between parties. Looking for insider tips on where-the-locals-go eateries, fun stuff that's off the radar, etc...

My parents will be our nannies for evening (bless them), but during the day we'll be out and about together and separately. They like to view offbeat, historic stuff and eat at interesting but usually casual restaurants. But we'd also like to take them out somewhere nice.
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Response by poster: I should add that I've already read this and this post, of course. I'm looking for stuff a little more off the beaten path.
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You HAVE to go Sweet Leaf Eatery and Smokery. As the name implies, they do a lot of smoked meats and it's great. It's starting to get popular though, so there might be a wait in the evenings. But it's worth, just a get a glass of wine or two. This is one of those places you have to eat at if you're visting, really good food. Hopefully Jessica will wait on you, she's great.

Firefly Cafe does nice stuff and great outdoor dining in the midst of downtown's residental area. Highly recommended.

Cobblestone conch house is great. Yeah, it's on river street, but it's tucked away in one of the back alleys. Worth seeking out and you're probably going to wind up on River Street anyway, right?

Also try Driftaway Cafe, but go to the location in Sandfly. It'll get you outta downtown and you can go to Lake Mayer to walk it off, and fend the ducks, geese and seagulls.

However, when you DO go to Forsyth Park (everyone goes by Forsyth), check out The Sentient Bean coffehouse and try one of their veggie sandwiches, like the Greek Isle. I'm a died in the wool meat eater, but those things are great and filling! Plus their italian sodas rock, since they use pierrer water as opposed to tap water. They're also next door to Bright Day Foods, a health food store that serves up lots of delicious stuff too, especially for lunch. While you're down on that South end of Forsyth, you can visit Hurn Musuem, which concentrates on Folk Art.

There's a Tubby's on riverstreet, but the one in Thunderbolt is where the locals go

For real honest to good Southern Cooking off the beaten path, try The Crystal Beer Palor. Yes most everything will be frieded, but damn it's good! Friday and Saturday nights that have a brass band playing, so it's LOUD, but great.

The Savannah Wildlife Refuge is a good tour of the local ecosystem. Best part is that it's drivable, so you don't have to get out if it's too hot (though we're in a dry heat right now, so it doesn't seem like the air is smothering you), but you can get out and walk around and take pictures if you like. Be careful though, as alligators are around, espcially on the two off the main road paths (you can tell by the clump of of trees these two side roads go into). I've had alligators come up tothe car twice, so be aware. To get to it, you have to go over the bridge into South Carolina, but it's a short 20 minute drive and worth it.

All this stuff is off the beaten path. There's plenty of other restaurants and stuff to do.
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I just graduated from SCAD, and have to say Brandon covered it all very well. I'd second getting the Greek Isles at the Sentient Bean. Also a nice little place that I would go with my parents when they would visit is the North Beach Grill on Tybee Island. It's by the lighthouse out there. Kind of out of the way and laid back.

I know this is kind of touristy, but have a few beers then go on the hearse tours, the guys that run it are great. It's a good ironic twist on all those silly tours that clog up the streets in Savannah.

Obviously you can't miss vinnie's, best pizza in Savannah. And if you're feeling like you really want to experience local culture, Pinky Masters! It's on Drayton just south of Liberty. Apparently Jimmy Carter announced his candidacy on top of the bar there. Who knows, it's a Savannah treasure regardless. Churchill's is a good British pub. MoonRiver is a good place for beer, they make their own.

Check out the SCAD Galleries, those are usually good, and ShopScad, a bit overpriced, but neat work by SCAD alumni, students, professors.

If you're really wanting to see Savannah, ride south on Montgomery and down south past the park and observe all the amazing handpainted signage. That was one of my favorite parts of living in Savavnnah, but I'm a nerdy graphic designer, so you might not find that as fun. Be careful though, it's a pretty town, but not the safest place ever.

My Savannah for me was doing design, so I didn't get out as much as I could have I suppose. Neat place though.
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Response by poster: you guys are fantastic! This all sounds great.
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One hint: if you're driving on I-16, be careful going through Treutlen County. 16 runs through Treutlen County for about a 35-mile stretch just east of Dublin, and it's a NOTORIOUS ticket trap. I used to drive between Atlanta and Savannah about twice a month for work, and I don't recall ever driving that stretch of I16 without seeing either a police car hiding behind an overpass or one of their victims pulled over on the side of the road.
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