Best VW dealer in the beltway?
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What are your opinions of Volkswagen dealers near DC? Inside or immediately outside the beltway, please.
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The one in Arlandria sucks.
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Ditto on the Arlandria one. No personal experience, but my roommate visited to check it out and ended up buying her Passat all the way up in NJ where her parents live.

She did go there for the car's scheduled maintenence though -- not sure whether you're looking to buy or for service.
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The one in Fairfax sucks ass. High pressure sales, even worse for maintenance.

I've heard great things about Springfield. Go there.

I take my car up to Lancaster, PA (to Autohaus) for scheduled maintenance when I visit my mom. It's a lot less expensive and they treat me a hell of a lot better than local dealerships do.
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Wow... universally bad I think. I would NOT recommend Congressional VW on Rockville pike. I've had a horrible experience time and time again with them. I've got to take my car to the shop again, and I was about to try to find someone new...

Wonder how far PA is from Rockville?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. In following up on your comments I found this website with dealer ratings - curiously the Rockville place scores high marks.
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wflanagan I live in Reston, so I go the back way to Lancaster (Toll Road to Greenway to 15 to 30) and that takes about 3 hours for a 120 mile trip. I imagine that Lancaster would take about 2.5 hours from Rockville, via the 270-15-30 route.

I highly recommend Autohaus. They're good people and they're way nicer than most dealerships in the DC area (frankly, I think it helps that they're also an Audi and Porshe dealer).
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It's not right outside the Beltway (maybe a half hour drive on the weekend), but I looked at cars at Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Frederick, MD, and was pleased at how helpful everybody was. They also have no-haggle pricing. You can look at prices on their website and see what is in stock.
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