Help me find some good latin dance music.
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I'm looking for some vibrant and upbeat latino music.

As a very white guy it is sometimes difficult for me to find music in a language other than french or english. I live in Montreal and often listen to the Université de Montréal's radio station CISM. On saturday afternoons they have a show called La Rumba du Samedi where they play lots of latino music, but because I listen to the radio exclusively in the car I can't write down the artists or songs they feature. I wrote an e-mail to the DJs asking for a playlist or something but they never responded, so I am turning to you, Mefites. I especially like the very dancy, very upbeat latino music, an example would be Los Fabulosos Cadillac's "El Matador". Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Two bands I like a lot: Bio Ritmo and Mana - Mana has a 2-disc live CD that's really great.
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Sergio Mendes makes some great dance music - try the song "Magalenha" for starters.
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Bacilos are probably along the lines of what you're looking for. "Mi Primer Millón" is an amusing song off of "Caraluna." Also check out the title track from that album.
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Um... What kind of "Latino Music"? Tejano? Samba? Salsa? Norteño? Nortec? Garage? Psych? Prog? Pop?

There's a lot lot lot of music from Latin countries. I'm listening to Brazillian post-punk right now.

Buena Vista Social Club comp might be a good place to start...
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Willie Colon/The Big Break -- La Gran Fuga.

Awesome album.
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You should check out Plastilina Mosh or Kinky.

Another great choice is Molotov.
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Elvis Crespo! Sonora Dinamita! (Merengue and cumbia, respectively.)

Both very fun and dancey.
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Cafe Tacuba - any Album (Styles - rock, punk, funk)
Aterciopelados - any Album (rock, pop)
Ozomatli - Any (Rap, latin jazz, hip hop, cumbias)
Enanitos Verdes - Big Bang (Rock)
Julieta Venegas - Acqui (alternative pop, singer/songwriter)
Poncho Sanchez - Conga Blue (Latin jazz)
Quetzal - Quetzal (Rock, folk, salsa, cumbia)
Ojos de Brujo - Ojos de Brujo, and Bari (Flamenco, hip-hop)
Moenia - Mixes (Dance, electronica )
Molotov - Apocalypshit (Rap-Metal)
Jaguares - Baja el Azul tu Misterio (rock)
Nek - Nek (pop)
Caifanes - Any(rock)
Mana - Any(rock)
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check out

It's a fantastic radio station, though they play a lot more than just latin music.

Also, I live and die by Yma Sumac's albums.
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My sister got me hooked on Belanova. Two songs off their current album are very dancy/electronica sounding -- Te Quedas o Te Vas, and Me Pregunto.
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How could I forget Cafe Tacvba? Thanks, lilnemo.

Also, Maná is probably closer to what you're looking for (although I hate that fucking band).

Nitpick, lilnemo: Jaguares and Caifanes are basically the same band. I think they only changed one member if any.
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Nitpick, lilnemo: Jaguares and Caifanes are basically the same band. I think they only changed one member if any.

True. I couldn't help myself.

Almost forgot:
A.N.I.M.A.L. (metal)
Control Machete (rap, tropical)

And please, for the love of god.

Stay. Away. From. Reggaeton.
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Mambo Sinuendo, Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban
BillyBishop mentioned Los Amigos Invisibles - I second it, I love Arepa 3000.
Any of the Favela Chic compilations.
Clara Nunes com Vida is beautiful stuff.
Los Lobos La Pistola y El Corazon.

These are kinda all over the place - but excellent for any Latin collection.
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Control Machete is good, but far from vibrant or upbeat.

A song you might like is "Mentirosa" by Elefante; not really upbeat, but it is vibrant.

Stay. Away. From. Reggaeton.

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DJ Dolores from Northeast Brazil. His CD called 'Aparelhagem' fits your criteria -- it's terrific. Despite the DJ in front of his name, he works with live musicians.

Even though Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is from Argentina, the song Matador has a Northeastern Brazilian beat. If you like that song, you'd probably like other Brazilian bands too, such as:

Mestre Ambrosio
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi

Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde is infectiously catchy Afro-Brazilian dance music also.

Listen to samples here:
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I like Orishas, particularly their A Lo Cubano album. They do Cuban hip-hop with a very upbeat and musical slant.
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Manu Chao - Clandestino
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You may want to look into Triple Seven (sort of rap/ hardcore) or La Ley, which is kinda upbeat and goofy.
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Seconding Ozomatli. At the very least they're a brilliant "gateway" band. I personally also like Yerba Buena and Orixa for funky dance-or-just-listen music.
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Wow, lots of suggestions here! I've started tracking down some songs and artists, I'll give more feedback when I get a chance to listen to it all.
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Los Skarnales Latin Ska is pretty fun (myspace link).
Orgullo de los Soneros is in the same family as Buena Vista Social Club stuff. If you like that - you'll like this.
Gotan Project: wonderful dramatic tango / electronica

I'm also looking forward to checking out the music here. Thanks everyone!
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mayfly wake is spot on. Anything by Manu Chao makes good party music. "Me Gustas Tú" is a personal favorite.
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Yerba Buena - Island Life / 2nd Manu Chau
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Buena Vista Social Club was a project that presented Cuban musicians, and is very approachable, so I third that recommendation. And while Gipsy Kings are from France, their music has a latin beat. And I recently discovered Gotan Project, which as was mentioned above has a neat take on the tango
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3rd Manu. And 2nd the Gypsy Kings. Also, Marc Anthony (who when he's fast-paced is awesome even though he's primarily a balladeer), India (fabulous, fabulous voice), Orishas, Diego Torres (in particular his unplugged album), Selena (very famous Tejano music singer), Gloria Estefan (I know she's Cuban-American but some of her stuff is really good), Elvis Crespo,
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Ibrihim Ferrar, Bene Morey are a couple that I really like. They are more classic jazz type, Cuban singers. Contemporary sound, great vocals.

Second on the Mana and Buena Vista Social Club albums. I consider the Social Club to be a must have for any latino music collection.

Thanks for posting BTW, I have been wondering who would make good additions to my collection, and of course, Metafites come through blazing!
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Ernesto Lechner, author of Rock en Español: The Latin Alternative Rock Explosion recently talked with music critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRegotis on their weekly radio show Sound Opinions. Stream here, footnotes here.
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