Apple G4 + wireless card = ???
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Help me get my aged G4 onto my home wireless network.

It's a G4/500 AGP -- still a perfectly serviceable machine, running OSX 10.3.

It has an open PCI expansion slot and I'd like to stick a wireless card in. Might this D-Link or this Linksys card work?

The techs at the local compumart were uniformly unhelpful -- "Apple?" -- and it appears the only Apple solution would be an AirPort card, which are hard to find and costly.
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The "Sawtooth" (the name for your model of G4) is AirPort card ready, and the original AirPort cards are available on eBay for much less than the $99 that most retail places offer. I wouldn't use the PCI cards - they're meant for the IBM-compatible architectures. If you really don't want to use the AirPort solution, you could look into a USB-based WiFi adapter. Netgear, maybe?
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Ah - here's one - the Netgear MA111 - USB 1.1 compatible (you don't have USB 2.0 on the Sawtooth) and should get you going for wireless.
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I'm using a Motorola WPCI810GP in a Sawtooth with no problems. I didn't expect it to work, but when I plugged it in it was recognized with zero difficulty -- OS X identifies it was an network adapter and the airport subsystem works just fine. Your mileage may vary, of course.
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I like this guy for used Mac stuff. His prices are pretty good and he's easy to deal with.
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A year or so ago I put in a "Belikin Wireless G Network card". I didn't do anything special to get it running. I was running os10.2. Running 10.3.9 now w/o a hitch. Could be factory for all I think about it.
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You're probably best off just getting an Airport if you can find one. I asked a related question a while back and got some interesting answers. I am surprised to hear that third party cards are "just working" but also not too surprised. I've tried to get a third party pcmcia card working in my Powerbook to no avail. Maybe time to try again. I would reccomend against getting a USB wifi adapter in general, and in particular one that doesn't explicitly have Apple drivers.
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Docgonzo I may - I'm not sure - be able to hook you up on this one, and for you it will be a freebie. Get in touch and we'll investigate further.
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