no-cost software for making timelines?
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Open source project tracking or other timeline software? Smilar to microsoft project?

I need to plot out a series of events, some of which are dependant on each other and other general 'phases' in a fictional work. I've done a tiny bit with microsoft project and that might work.

If you know anything open-source/free let me know.
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GNOME Planner perhaps? There are a few screenshots on the linked site.
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Try Open Workbench. Just downloaded it last week, but it appears to be a good open source MS Project replacement.
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If you're into to Plam-syncability Progect is what I use.
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(Progect is very bare-bones though)
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If it's for writing, maybe try yWriter. It's not an MS Project replacement by any means but I like it for giving me an overview of a plot...

For me though, a stack of index cards or post-its on a wall is pretty tough to beat.
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