How best should I use these old Zenith Allegro speakers with a modern receiver?
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I have an old Pair of Zenith Allegro speakers (50-watt, 8-ohm) with pre-attached cables and RCA-style plugs (male) for connecting to the stereo. I'd like to use them with a more modern receiver (50-watt max, 8-ohm) that accepts straight wire from the stereo; should I just lop off the ends and wire them in, or is there a better method? Also, can I use them with a >50-watt stereo if I keep the volume down, or is that just bad?
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I have no answer for you re: using 50W speakers with a 50+W stereo, but if you want to preserve the plugs on the speakers and still connect to the receiver, try to find a female-female connector cable (or two cables with female ends), cut it in half and strip the cut ends. Stick one half on each speaker and voilà!
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Yes, you can hang "weaker" speakers from an amplifier with higer output. You do, however, run the risk of blowing the speakers out at what would likely sound like a loud-but-not-ridiculous volume.

If you're into this project because you particularly like the sound of these speakers, use the amp with lower power output.

I also second the suggestion to take a female-female RCA cable and hack it in half to use as adaptors.
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