What in the world did my dentist twin with the vicodin? I was floating in a timeless void.....
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I can't remember the name of the second drug that my dentist gave to me with Vicodin following my wisdom tooth extraction, and I suspect it might been what hurtled me into an abyss beyond the reach of time, concepts digestible by the human brain, any higher synaptic functions, or the vital organs' basic need for sustenance. So what was it?

So I got A singular wisdom tooth out last week,
which took a grand total of 1'30" to remove,
and my dentist, in sending me home with my much-anticipated Vicodin prescription, also gave me a prescript for 2 tablets of something else, which he mysteriously assured me would "make [me] more succeptible to the Vicodin".

Holy hell.
Timeline is:
3 pm, tooth out.
4 pm, at home with Deadwood Season 2, took 1 Vic and the other pill, passed the fuck out promptly.
8 pm, my brother told me to roll over (was sleeping on the couch in the living room), found I would do this without any verbal or physical response otherwise.
8:05 pm - 8:30 pm, my family rolls me around the living room floor by telling me to do so, which I apparently just kind of did. Would also not-really-wake-up now and again and ask where "the noise" was coming from.
Midnight, groggily wake up, take 1 more Vic and the OTHER THING, pass the fuck back out.
8 am, wake up briefly, absolutely no pain or swelling or bleeding, and can't really rouse myself.

I did NOT take any more of either medicine, but literally could not stay awake for more than 5 minutes until 8 pm that night....That's 28 hours of pure unconsciousness, where there was no past, present or future, not to mention id ego superego God food movies or drug abuse; those last 14 hours should have been fully beyond the potentcy of the second dose (12 am - 6 am).

So...what the heck happened? I can't remember the name of the other drug, and threw the prescription away once I'd taken the second (final) dose of it.

Does this coma have anything to do with whatever that might have been? Am I just doomed to be a zombie whenever I have to take Vicodin? Or what?
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Call your dentist, perhaps? I'd like to know, as I've nevr heard of such a thing.

What strength (7/350, 5/500, 10/500, etc) were the Vicodins? There's no possible way hydrocodone did this on its own, though.
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I suspect it may have been Halcion...my dentist uses it on me occasionally, and it completely whacks me out. I remain borderline concious, but I have retain no memory of anything.
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Back when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, my dentist gave me percodan. I certainly recall them whisking me off to that sweet, deep happy place. I can't imagine any doc mixing percodan with vicodin, though.
Then again, I can't imagine vicodin mixed with halcion, either, though that sounds like it could be it. You have a very drug-happy dentist. Can I have his number?
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Jesus, that sounds fun. (What?)

I was given a combo of Vicodin and demerol when they knocked me out for wisdom teeth extraction, but that was in the office and through IV. I acted the fool, though, so maybe.
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Demerol is capable of doing that to some people for sure, but I don't think it would be used to "strengthen" the effects of Vicodin: the two are relatives but Demerol's the badder boy.

I'm not really sure what would react with Vikes like that, but in my experience Demerol isn't a knockout punch:
In 1995 I was awake through knee arthroscopy, watched the surgery, and a Demerol drip made me pretty much enjoy it all the way through. Dude coulda been dissecting my mom with a rusty iron spork and I woulda laughed it off.
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Joseph: That was pretty much experience with Demerol. I severely broke my arm, and after they shot that stuff in my butt I was the happiest camper in the world.
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I used to get a combo Dererol-Viserol shot that would do just that to me.
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They gave me Halcion for my wisdom teeth extraction and it also made me pretty cheerfully out-of-it, and I asked for a half-dose, so I imagine a full dose would have done something like that.
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I was given something called Versed(sp?) (ver-said) when I had a colonscopy. Apparently used when you need someone to be knocked out but to obey you (roll over now!). Apparently it is the drug used in so-called truth serum. Maybe that was what you were given?

Call the dentist.
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The pharm that filled the script can tell you, or at least they have the capacity to tell you.
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I would call the dentist, but I don't NEED to know so much as I WANT MeFi to speculate, which you have all done to great aplomb....

Halcion sounds familiar, and in a further twist, before prescribing whatever it was, double-checked that I am, indeed, alergic to penicillin/amoxycilin, etc.

But the happy place you all talk about is just the problem: I was too dead passed out to actually register happiness. I was just dead. And I don't like what that portends for death.
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Demerol did that for me, yeah.
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My vote is for Versed (midazolam), which is an anti-anxiety medication like Valium that helps people sleep and relax, and also puts people in "twilight" mode--ie: they're able to comply and hear you, but they're out of it. It also has amnestic properties, causing you to not remember the event. I got this IV when I had my wisdom teeth out, but the oral surgeon definitely didn't prescribe any after the procedure.
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Damn, all I got was Ibuprofen.
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