Selling used undies?
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Selling used, ahem, clothing online.

I met a woman who sold used underthings on the good ol' web and made a killing. What are the laws regarding this, and how does one go about selling? Legitimate, trustworthy sites? Tips? Warnings?

I realize that it's probably better to sell plasma or lemonade, but to hear that an attractive woman can make $200+ on a pair of $5 Wal-mart undies is just too attractive a thought to dismiss on the grounds of perversion.
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And here's a better question - if you are in the market for such underthings, how can you be sure that the underthings come from the sexy 25-year old woman in the craigslist photo, and not some fat, glue-sniffing grandma?
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One way to be sure of what you're getting is to go direct to the source.
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Go here [NSFW]. Ask the girls.
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You can't sell it on eBay.
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Tips? Warnings?
I was under the impression this was frowned on for public-health reasons since the items in question presumably haven't been washed and mailing biological waste is a no-no.
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I guess if you are willing to buy those things caveat empor. Sounds like a good scam to me.
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I recall getting caught up in one of those late-night HBO shows about people and their kinks. A few had come up with their own version of this, whereby they bought bulk packages of underthings and at the kitchen sink, smeared a combination of canned tuna juice, Hellman's mayonaise and I think a dash of Tabasco "for spice". They had never truly been worn and were sealed in a Zip-lock and mailed out hours later. Probably made a killing, too.
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