Where did I eat this cod?
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North of Boston on the coast. There was a crumbling fort, a small beach and a cute little restaurant.

My wife and I often take daytrips during summer to towns and parks on Massachusett's North Shore, and have been doing so for few years. But we have no idea where this place was:

As I remember it, this location was an island, an overlarge spit of land, or a peninsula --a relatively small self-contained sort of area. It was reached by a narrow out of the way road, which at the time we went was blocked for a voluntary toll by fundraising local firefighters.

The outstanding features were a crumbling stone/brick fort which was a couple of hundred yards away from a cute restaurant with pretty decent fish and chips. The restaurant was adjoined by a small shop or convenience store and was right on/overlooking the beach. A beach and a narrow road stretched between the restaurant/shop and the fort. It was fairly crowded, parking at least was somewhat difficult.

I am fairly certain it was in Massachusetts though there is a very small possibility it could have been in coastal New Hampshire or in Maine, but certainly no further north than Portland.
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Maybe it was Marblehead? On the map, the spit of land is Fort Sewall, a crumbling fort. Front Street is a narrow street, next to a beach, which is known as Screeching Beach. And the building right under the 'Front St' text is a fish restaurant. Perhaps this is where you went?
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Maybe it was Marblehead?

I don't think so. I don't think it was that close into a town. I remember the road leading into the area as foresty-marsh grassy.
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Plum Island?
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The first place I thought of was Plum Island, but am not sure there's a fort there.
Also, perhaps Winter Island in Salem and the fort was Fort Pickering?
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Stage Fort Park, Gloucester? (scroll down a bit)
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It sounds suspiciously like Fort Popham and Spinney's restaurant, but that's slightly north of Portland.
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By Jove! I think that must be it. It has the . . .

1. Old Fort
2. General Store
3. Restaurant open to the beach
4. Beach
5. Somwhat Rural
6. Liable to be fairly crowded at times
7. Peninsula

It was my error to think it was south of Portland.

Thank you very much Mayor Curley.

The collective knowledge of AskMetafilter has surprised and astounded me once again.
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