Help me find a road legal off road buggy?
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I need some help finding more examples of road legal off-road go-kart type things for sale in the UK.

Okay... I've found these guys who sell a road legal space frame go-kart type thing that really appeals to me. The problem is, 250cc is way too small for my bulk. I want to look around other manufacturers but I'm getting no joy at all from google.

What I want is a two seater buggy type thing with a roll cage and an exciting engine. No gear box needed, but something like 500 or 600cc engine would be cool. I know this is a long shot, but if the geeks of metafilter can't find this, I'm not sure who can!

Disclaimer - by 'too small' I mean that I'm currently six foot five and twenty stone. kids toys won't do me.
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Try picking up a copy of Trials and Motocross News (TMX) from your local newsagents. Although (as the name suggests) it's primarily oriented towards bikes and quads I've frequently seen ads for the type of vehicle you descibe in the "marketplace" section towards the back. TMX is a weekly publication and is usually available on a Thursday (in my area at least.)
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What about the Qpod range from Unique Motor Company - part owned by one Noel Edmonds
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Here's a 800cc go-kart on
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mullacc that looks fun, but it's not road legal. :(

mattr Now those are weird looking. Not what I was looking for, but I'll take a look at them. ;)
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Twine42 - When you get it, give me a shout...I'm about your size and weight, I'd love to hoon round in one of those!
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