Picture-based flashcards for language learning
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Are there any websites that will help me make picture-based flashcards for language learning?

I'd like to make a bunch of picture flash cards for Italian vocab learning. (So I can learn vocab without having to use English translations). Are there any good sources for these sorts of images (images that clearly refer to a simple, single concept)?
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Maybe not to make your own, but here is a site with simple picture Italian (and other language) flashcards.
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iFlash for mac OS X is great flashcard software (print and electronic). It also lets you have audio attached to the cards and export to iPod.
sorry if your not mac, but you didn't say
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oops sorry you were after websites.
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Response by poster: I was actually intending to use iFlash once I find a good source for pictures :)
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I think the search term you are looking for is visual dictionary. That one has some really nice pictures. This one is shabbier but may have more words
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Rosetta Stone software teaches languages through images in the target language. Studying vocabulary without context (as you're suggesting) is not a good way to learn a language. I personally recommend the Pimsleur method as the best way to learn a language. It teaches you vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar at the same time.
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