Which camera insurance?
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What sort of insurance should I get for my camera? (Personal article floater question)

I've been slowly accumulating SLR lenses and such (close to $3000 worth now) to the point where I'd feel more comfortable if it were insured. I'm an American, live in Taiwan, and will probably continue to live abroad for the next several years. I use this stuff non-professionally and I want coverage for everything (theft, accidental damage, everything.)

I've read this thread, which points to this site, which says that I could get a personal articles floater.

Does anyone have any experience with any particular company's personal article floater?
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I haven't worked with a floater, but I do have a separate policy out for my laptop with State Farm. It's zero deductible and all inclusive (theft, accidental damage, etc) and costs me around $20/year for about 2 grand of coverage. Be advised that your costs may vary depending on location, type of item, where it is stored, etc. FWIW, I've been using State Farm for years and have not had any problems (well, I've had a few issues but they were quick to resolve them appropriately). Then again, I have yet to make a claim.

I'd be curious to hear from anyone who made a claim with State Farm to tell of their experience. I just know that from the customer service standpoint, I like the fact that I have one agent and can always speak to the same person who knows my insurance situation. Plus, they've been competitive with homeowners rates and special policies like the one for my laptop.
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I used Renter's Insurance when I drove across the country. I got it from USAA, the same place I got my auto insurance. When I was in Arizona, someone ripped off my crappy mountain bike and I had the cash to replace it by the time I got out to California!

Well worth the expense and risk.
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I've never had a claim on my State Farm personal articles policy, but I've had a claim on my auto insurance through them. They paid it without blinking and then proceeded to lower my rate. So they've got that going for them.
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State farm is the bomb. (Just don't have a 'questionable claim', i.e. don't let someone burn your house down on purpose, and you'll be fine. It took some time to get my parents money back from that one.)

One of the big determinants is if you use it for professional or personal use. If it's just for personal use, your renters or homeowners' coverage should cover it. If you use it for professional purposes, the only coverage that they could give me that would protect against both damage and theft was an "Inland Marine" policy, and it was pricey.
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I have State Farm as well and have personal article floater policies on several items, including my ipod. Costs me about $20 a year and provides peace of mind. Highly recommended.
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