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I'm in Canada, but the song I want is available only on iTunes USA. How can I purchase it?

When I create an iTunes account, I have to specify that I have a canadian credit card billing address. When I do so, iTunes switches me back to iTunes Canada, which doesn't have the song I want -- "Imagination" from the album Smooth Chill - The Radio Singles.
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do gift cards work? or maybe you could get a prepaid credit card from the states?
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I think iTunes knows where YOU are, not where the gift card is. Perhaps you could ask a kind MeFite in the states (ahem:::TheDeej:::::ahem) to get it for you and make an audio CD to send in the mail.
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...or just an ftp to download from a server? How hard could it be?
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bingo: Burning a CD of a track from the iTunes store circumvents the DRM.
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A gift card from the US should work. For example, sites like JBox/JList sell Japanese iTunes cards so people in the US can buy songs from the Japanese store. From the instructions on the page I linked to, it seems like you just have to put in any address in the country you wish to buy from, and have a gift card for that corresponding country.
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I can attest to this working because I am In Australia, and I can still use my Canadian credit card to purchase music from over here.

No matter where you are in the world, you just need money from a country to set up an account in that country.

I'm not sure about gift cards, however. I haven't tried that. I have, however seen alot of gift cards being reqested and sold on craigslist.
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I was going to say just download it illegally - if they don't want to sell it to you, then don't go out of your way to buy it - but it looks like its a fairly obscure track, so I doubt you'll be able to. The site you link says it will soon be available to download on other services, so why not wait and try that?
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If a kind soul in the US bought it. And then just emailed the file to randomstriker (making sure to de-authorize the US computer) would the file not play once it was put on an authorized computer in Canada?
That would seem the easiest way to get the song.
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Piracy would be the easiet way to get the song, no?
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I tried buying myself a US itunes gift certificate in order to access material on the US store but it was a no go because I didn't have a US credit card with a US billing address. Very frustrating.
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Piracy would be the easiet way to get the song, no?

Depends on what you mean by "easy."
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As in, it wouldn't involve trying to get a credit card with an American address, or getting someone in the US to buy the song, strip the DRM, and email it to you.

I'm not sure how easy it is to find the song on various p2p networks though, so it could be hard.

The album isn't worth the 10 bucks?
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"Legal" Russian service that sells music at about $1.00 per CD. Takes any kind of currency but whenever I purchase anything from this site I get a call from my credit card company saying "YOUR CARD IS STOLEN! PANIC TIME IS NOW". I'm satisfied with their service.
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My sister (who lives in NYC) bought me a (US) iTunes gift certificate once, but I was unable to use it because (a) my existing itunes account was registered in Canada and (b) i couldn't set up a new US-based itunes account because I didn't have a US credit card. Ended up just giving it back to her! So not sure if the gift certificate idea is a good one. The differences between the various stores can be really frustrating at times -- there's tonnes of good music on the UK Store that I'd like to buy... if it weren't still at a crappy 128kbps bitrate, of course.
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