Mmmmmmm a bucket o' food
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I want a miners lunch bucket.

Like this. But brand spankin' new. I tried my luck with google and had none. I've seen contemporary references to them but I can't find anyplace to purchase one.
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How about the buffet version?
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I tried my luck with google and had none.

Ahem. Hit 4 in searching "lunch bucket" turns up a new reproduction. Granted at $125 it might be a tad expensive but did you really try google?
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Response by poster: So let me add I want an affordable one. Better?
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It's not a miner's bucket, but this lunchbox from Lehman's has plenty of character and is more affordable.

I was surprised Lehman's didn't have a miner's bucket. They're a great source for all things rustic.
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How about this one at amazon?
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Have you tried eBay?
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Oof, I meant to link to this specific listing, not the search results.
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brownpau's ebay Coal Miner Miner's Lunch Pail is probably just an Indian lunch container. See the wicki article Dabbawala.

Asian lunch containers don't have the built in canteens like the repro I referenced.
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Best answer: That's not the lunch box I used when I was a miner 30 years ago. I've never seen a lunch box remotely like that. The lunch boxes popular with the men I worked with was black. It was about a foot long and about six inches wide. The top was rounded to hold the thermos and the entire thing was maybe eight or then inches high.
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