How do I determine the value of my Powerbook?
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I'm looking to buy a new MacBook this summer and am hoping to sell my current 15", 1.3 GHz Powerbook (1.5GB RAM) to help cover some of the cost. How do I go about determining a reasonable price to ask for for my Powerbook? Are there any recommended routes by which I can sell my Powerbook whilst minimizing the risk of being ripped off?
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Craigslist is safer than eBay. Determine the price by looking at recent sales in your area for similarly equipped Powerbooks; check Craigslist and eBay's completed listings as well.
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Powerbooks don't have the greatest resale value, especially considering the price of new ones with Applecare added. But yeah, Craigslist.
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Minimizing ripoff risk: refuse to answer emails from people who want to pay you with exotic methods that you haven't heard of, whether on CL or eBay. If you're selling on eBay and you set a "Buy It Now" price, you should also set the "Require Immediate Payment", or some Nigerian motherfucker will end your auction early and then try to get you to ship them a laptop in exchange for well...some fake instrument of some kind. So of course you'll have to go through the hassle of relisting your item.

Really, if you can unload it on Craigslist, do it. eBay is a scammer's paradise and it's so much hassle.
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Yeah, search through the completed auctions on ebay for similar laptops and see what they've been going for.

You will definitely get replies from people out to defraud you if you post on craigslist. They will ask you to do all kinds of oddball things (like ship internationally or accept a cashier's check for more than the purchase price) which makes them rather transparent though.
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All of the look for listings of similar-spec machines for sale from Mac resellers such as PowerMax or SmallDog.
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Apple seems to think it's worth $1300 refurbed, but that's with base ram, an airport Xtreeeem card and a one-year warranty.
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yeah i am in the same situation and i decided the other day that my 1.5GHz 15" PBG4 is worth about $900, tops. this is based on what i saw on ebay completed sales and craigslist postings.
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I haven't read one for a while, but Mac magazines like MacWorld used to have this kind of information in a table at the back.
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You know this is the computer I am looking at getting right now. I would be interested to know how much its going for.
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