Quick, cheap poster of MC Escher's Relativity?
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Ok, I want to get my friend a poster of MC Escher's Relativity. The catch is I need it by Sunday, and I can't afford to spend more than a tenner. Can anyone suggest anywhere either online or in London that I can get it?
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£5.72, at interbank rates - and they ship within 24 hours.

The catch here is only US currency is accepted - but there's enough kind-hearted MeFites on this side of the pond who can help you with that.
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I already looked at AllPosters (infact, all the sites I looked at eventually lead me there), and the price is good, but the shipping kills it. £11.90 for 5-15 days, and £27.99 for 1 to 4 days.
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This may go over your budget -- but do you know anyone who has a copy that would be willing to take it to a print shop and scan it? Then you can e-mail or bittorrent the scan, go to a print shop, and print it on a large-format printer.
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There's this link, however they'll probably be too slow for you.

If you're desperate, a useful tip maybe to buy an Escher book from a discount bookshop such as The Works in Camden - for some reason they always have Escher. The books are usually £4-5 pounds. Carefully cut out the page you want and put it in a frame. I feel like I'm on Blue Peter!
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Well, the problems solved - I don't need to get it anymore! Thanks for the help though.
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