I want a daily updated jokes rss feed!
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I'm looking to keep in tune with the funny side of life and even improve my sense of humour. Basically I find if I regularly read jokes I seem to enjoy life more and even start making ones up myself. I like using rss to keep up with my favourite sites and I really love the idea of a website where people submit new jokes everyday and they are put into a feed which I can easily access. Does anything like this exist?
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This reads like an attempt to spam. If a new member (with a member number suspiciously close to 37750) doesn't answer this question by linking in glowing terms to a relatively new site, then I'll eat my hat.

But yes, something like that does exist. Losts of things exist like this e.g. Yahooligans
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Response by poster: hi, on my pda right now so will check the sites mentioned later. just want to assure readers i'm not a spammer...my unsuccessful search for the answer to this question finally prompted me to join askmefi.
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If you're techie and are familiar with IRC/chat language, there's bash.org for extremely nerdy humor.
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There is also that user-submitted (with voting) joke database of Chuck Norris / Vin Diesel pseudo-trivia http://4q.cc/
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