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A2Hosting down?

Is it just me, or has A2Hosting been down all morning? I can't ping or traceroute anything on thier boxxen, and it's got me quite worried (supposed to present some mockups to a client which are on those boxxen this afternoon!).

That being said, I love them , but I need reliable hosting. Any providers out there with similar reseller plans and features as A2?
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Well, if your hosting is down, the most logical thing to do would be to call the company and see what is going on.

Aside from that I have been happy with Serverbeach and if you can afford it, Rackspace is one of the best.
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Response by poster: chrisroberts,

Ironically, I can't get to thier website to obtain that contact information. It's down. ;-)
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Logically, you would have it in the email, or you would run a whois. And if their website is down, chances are, it's down, and you can find out later what happened when it comes back.

This is a bad use of Ask Metafilter.
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Also, their site is working just fine for me. Their contact page lists their number as: 1-734-222-4678. It's also available in google's cache.

And if your hosting is important to you, and you have important things being hosted, you should have all the information on your host, including address, phone number, email address, etc. all on hand.

Also, I whole heartedly agree with SpecialK, asking about a down host is not a good use of AskMefi at all and the tag along question of good hosts seems more like it is there to help justify the base question.
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Whilst I agree with SpecialK and chrisroberts, a very good host that I'm with at the moment is United Hosting - they also have a very lively forum over here - I'm not being paid to say this, just I have been with them for 2 years and am very happy.
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43Folders is hosted there; they're up.

Not sure what sort of hosting you're looking for, be it a simple hosting account, reseller, VPS, or dedicated, but I used to host with Dathorn for reseller, and am now with LayeredTech for (unmanaged) dedicated, and would recommend both.

WebHostingTalk is the place you want to go to ask about hosting.
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Cue Dreamhost whores in 3...2...1...

And A2 Hosting seems to use Savvis as an upstream provider. So yeah, there's a good chance that there was some sort of outage that affected you. (Savvis = turkeys.)

Now that you have the phone number, write it down and keep it in your cell phone. :)
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Response by poster: Apparently it was a hardware issue that only affected most of thier site, which is why I was confused (because, as mentioned, 43F hosts there).

drstein, a few folks I know have recommended Dreamhost to me, but, I really can't get into thier self-made cpanel knockoff.
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