An easily portable version of the Aeron chair?
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I am looking for a work chair that I can take along with me on my business travels - something portable that would provide a level of comfort and functionality that was, at least, remotely similar to my Aeron at home. I know this is a VERY TALL order, so if there are any suggestions for chairs that would simply let me work comfortably in a hotel room - the crappy chairs in those are horrible - I'd appreciate that, as well.
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How about this?

It doesn't fold, but maybe you could wheel it about?
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Hacks recommend this.
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How about this one? Can't get much more portable than that!
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I have a particular kind of folding camp chair I love and use and will cry over when it's finally gone. I've almost lost it a few times now and have travelled miles out of my way to reclaim it.

It's no upright office chair or desk chair, but it's particularly comfy - especially for laptop work.

At first glance it's simply yet another cheaply made tubular folding chair with the now standard blue nylon fabric slung between the points. And it is just that, cheap. I got it for something like 12 bucks at a Big Lots (Pic-and-Save).

Except instead of having four feet (eight-odd folding-scissored tubes) it has three feet. Two in front and one doublewide foot in the back. It has a high, narrow back and an integral headrest-pillow that even slides up and down it's own strap. It also has fabric arms that have pockets that slide over bent extensions of the front struts and the mesh cupholder thingy which is more or less useless for anything other than a 12 oz sized can.

While those four-footed chairs are slouchy and kind of enveloping to the point they hinder arm movements, mine is only slightly slouchy, more of a straight-backed hammock for your bum, but affords plenty of arm and shoulder freedom 'cause it only (perfectly) supports the center-middle third or half of your back - but it supports it all the way to the back of my head, and I'm 6'.

I used it extensively for a sort of mobile computing rig. I literally spent weeks and months in this thing, and some of my best writing was done sitting in this chair.

Often, a shortish plank would go across the arms, suspending the laptop actually above my lap at a perfect typing posture, and the ends of the board easily and rather solidly supported a coffee cup, ashtray, small pile of books, cocktail, whatever.

Having a real desk, table, flat seated chair or even a rock or stump nearby made it perfect, as I could just pick up the whole plank full of work and sundries and set it down, making egress easy and workspace interruption and rearrangement minimal.

I'm not sure where you'd find one, though.

OMFG!@#~! I FOUND IT! REI has it! It looks like this!

Except mine isn't mesh, it's solid fabric with a rubberized backing which makes it a little bit sweaty if it's hot out. But that's basically a fancy pants version of what I have.

You can't really sit upright in it like you could a deskchair, but the most natural position in it isn't exactly a real slouch, either. But if you're using a laptop and you combine it with some kind of desk-plank object, you don't need to sit upright. I've even used an optical mouse on the arms with great success, 'cause the arms are quite wide.

If you can find an REI near you and they have it in stock I strongly suggest you check it out. It makes all those slouchy-soft four-legged chairs feel like mushy beanbags. It might not be exactly like mine, but that design is nearly identical so I can only assume it'll be close.

If you do find a more suitable portable office-like chair please do a followup, 'cause I'd be interested as well.
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Don't try to find a portable chair -- find things that make an arbitrary chair comfortable instead, like an Obus Forme back support. If that's too big, there are smaller lumbar supports and even seat cushions.
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i work sitting on an exercise ball. if you find that comfortable you can take a deflated ball with a good(important!) pump.
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Have you considered something like the Nada-Chair?

It seems like you'd be able to travel with it easily and make use of whatever sitting surface was handy in an optimal body position.
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Also, hotels are starting to cater more and more (and more) to business travelers. I have been to recently renovated hotels (the Hampton Inn chain here on the West Coast, for instance) that actually have Aeron chairs.

Also, any hotel with a concierge service may be able to get a hold of one.

Aside from that, I second the Nada-Chair as long as you don't have knee problems.
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Response by poster: I like the stuff recommended above, at:

They have some portable supports, and some really portable inflatable ones. The idea of modifying available seating is a good one.

I've used the Nada Chair before...I'd totally forgotten about it. I don't even think I still have mine, but maybe I will order a new one.

thanks for all the replies!
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