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Are there any online resources that would tell me what percent of Americans have a certain brand of credit card? Like an industry group site or a government site? Thanks
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Brand like "Visa" or brand like "Citibank"?
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Response by poster: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to be specific. Not bank brand.
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The Nilson Report.

See bottom right corner of that page, it's slightly cut-off, but I can see: Visa 60%, MasterCard 33%, AmEx 3%, Diner's Club 1%, presumably others at 3%.
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Response by poster: Mullac, you've made me look good in front of my boss. May you live long and prosper.
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Sorry, that's a "worldwide" chart. I'd call and bug them for some free data.
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Don't know for sure, but I'd try CardWeb or IndexCreditCards. They both have industry data. A lot of CardWeb's makes you pay, though. You might also be able to buy that info from the Nilson Report mentioned above.
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